Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Chaotic Reception Room Fores

I am happy that the business meetings ended quickly and there’s breathing space in between the schedule.

If the next person has also fortunately come early, it would be even better, but I personally like how free time that can be filled is made.

Being pressed for the next, next, and next, is personally the worst feeling for me, as if desperately trying to swim up to get my nose and mouth out of the water.

It is a smoldering feeling, yeah.

So I say, but it is not like I have the style of running around aggressively as if hunting prey.

I am the type that immediately hunts the prey that enters my shooting range while I am calmly sitting down.

That style fits me the most.

The meeting with Muzo-san ended sooner than scheduled, and next was Rembrandt-san.

He is a person I am grateful towards since he always introduces me to companies and would speak about business opportunities.

Even though he should be far busier than me, he still makes time to meet me. Rather than calling him a business partner, he is more like a guardian.

He is an ideal business discussion partner that doesn’t make me nervous and doesn’t create a thorny atmosphere while not taking that much time, so I really have nothing but gratitude towards him.

“Excuse me… Rembra—hm?” (Makoto)

When I opened the door, a thick scent hit my nose.

Quite the strong scent of perfume.

Moreover, several different types.

While having a bad feeling about this, I confirm the presence of the person that should be diagonally right considering the composition of this room.

“*Oku-sama*?! And…?” (Makoto)

It may be a Rembrandt, but it is not Patrick-san, it is Lisa-san.

If I remember correctly, the one coming here today should be the P one of the Rembrandt-sans though.

In the first place, I have close to no business discussions directly with his wife.

Moreover, she isn’t alone.

What’s with those…attractive mature ladies (?) that are filling up the whole sofa.

The amount of women is astounding.

8. There’s as many as 8 excluding Lisa-san.

And I don’t know a single face here.

What’s with this situation?

In the first place, this is a room for business meetings of around 5-6 people, so having 8 ladies in dresses here was making the air in this place crazy. No, it is like this room can’t keep up with the florid atmosphere.

My eyes and nose are in a pretty bad state right now too.

What’s this?!

“Sorry, Raidou-sama. I had something to talk with you about, so I have switched with my husband. But everyone here I met coincidentally wanted to meet you once, so it ended up being a big group… It really was a bother?” (Lisa)

Just for the record, it is not like Rembrandt-san and I do anything dirty or discuss anything that is hard to say out loud.

I swear on the name of anything you want that that’s not the case!

In the first place, that person is madly in love with his wife and daughters, so there’s no way he would cheat on her.

If I were to be asked if it is a pain, I would immediately state it is a pain though.

But well, even if she asked me that, there’s only one answer here.

“No way. Me being left wide-eyed by my plans being a bit different is just my inexperience showing. Everyone, please forgive my lack of manners. I am the representative of the Kuzunoha Company, name’s Raidou.” (Makoto)

I stand at the front of Lisa-san with a table in between, bow, and give my greetings.

Seriously, what are they thinking? Just as they say, it is a bother.

But there’s no way I would speak out my true feelings even if they were to try and squeeze it out from me.

I have known Lisa-san since the ghoul time, but lately she has been overflowing with energy as if she had rejuvenated, and has been really lively.

Her skin seems to have more moisture and looks really smooth. I can say for sure that there’s no man who would use her age as an excuse to not see her as a woman.

As for the women around, I honestly would say they are older, around their middle-ages, compared to Oku-sama.

However, I can tell at a glance that they are people that pursue beauty in a variety of different directions and are very particular about beauty.

Then, the correct answer here is…yeah…

“Fufu, there’s no need to force yourself, you know. I am not here to have a delicate conversation that would require such formality. Right, everyone?” (Lisa)

Everyone agreed with her and directed smiles at me.

After Lisa-san finished a simple introduction, I got introductions individually.

2 wives of former adventurers, 4 who are wives of close-aides or representatives of companies, and 2 wives of Limia nobles.

6 are residents of Tsige, and the other 2 are apparently in the middle of their trip in Tsige where they have friends.

…This is bad. I can somehow match their names and faces, but I don’t have the confidence of remembering them as the talk lengthens.

Judging from how the introductions went, Oku-sama is most likely the top of this gathering.

In the past and even present, the Rembrandt Company has been an existence that shows its power to the surroundings, and Lisa-san herself isn’t incompetent either.

It is not like I have had chances to see that personally though.

Seeing how Rembrandt-san and Morris-san are, there’s no doubt she is also one incredible person as well.

Ah, but there’s the chance she is purposely staying at the number 2 spot!

“No, I was surprised. I didn’t expect so many extravagant and gorgeous people would be visiting me today. Was today a day to warm up your old friendships of the same age? I am overjoyed to be blessed with this fortune. Hahaha…” (Makoto)

I want to leave already.

I want to throw this onto someone else without listening to what they have to say, and leave.

Also, Mio isn’t coming.

In other words, she has perceived instinctively that this gathering won’t be assaulting me or anything of the sort.

Even though it would have relaxed me more if there were at least one girl by my side.

“Really?! There may be slight differences in ages, but we are all great friends of around the same age. And so…you see…about that matter that Raidou-sama told me secretly before, I tried telling everyone here as well. Of course, everyone here understands the meaning and importance of secrets, so please don’t worry.” (Lisa)

…T-That’s a relief.

Looks like it was the right answer to say they are of the same age.

Who knows what would have happened if I had carelessly said she was having a gathering with her seniors.

Just thinking about it is giving me shivers.


To housewives?

Have I told her something that requires that much secrecy?

Or more like, a gathering of women that have nobles and company presidents as husbands; that doesn’t sound like a combination that I would say secrets are safe with.

But if Oku-sama says so, there should be no problems, I guess.

The meaning and worth of secrets…huh.

I then noticed the gaze of Oku-sama, and she caressed her cheek with her right hand elegantly.

What? Skin?


Ah, about that!!

“Could it be you are talking about the health preservation facility of this company, Lisa-sama?” (Makoto)

What’s with all this noise?

These 8 samurais…no, these 8 housewives were showing unrest.

“Yeah, that matter that I…requested of my husband even if it was difficult to do.” (Lisa)

Could it be that the details she gave them are slightly different?

I should play safe here and match what Oku-sama says here.

This is a bit of an aside, but the mood of Oku-sama changes quite a lot depending on if she has 1 trip to the hot spring resort in that week, or 2 trips in that week.

It isn’t once or twice that Rembrandt-san has tried to imply he wants to increase the amount of visits.

It is pretty hard to get full-time employees there, so it was difficult to tell him he could go anytime he wishes, and Lisa-san also has her standing as the wife of the Rembrandt Company’s representative.

That’s why there hasn’t been any aggressive pushes until now.

But there’s now full-time employees there.

Shima-san who was the bishop at the church of Rotsgard.

She has been devoting herself to her studies about hot springs while studying about her specialization as well. New make-up products are being produced one after the other by her.

Aah, I remembered another complicated matter.

Beauty is something that the women of Asora as well as a number of men pursue quite intensely.

Their interest and passion for make-up products goes without saying.

But, right now, the only specialist is Shima-san, and she is a hyuman.

Her knowledge for make-up products that work on other races is practically nonexistent.

And so, recently there has been a disparity between demi-humans who are close in appearance to hyumans, and the ones that are not.

When it comes to the patterns of scales, the gloss of wings, horns and fangs…there’s no choice but to have their respective races study about it.

We had Shima-san teach them the basic knowledge, and as of present, there’s a number of women from varied races with an objective of producing make-up that have begun to turn into full-time employees.

I personally want it to take shape as soon as possible.

But when it comes to the difference between the ones for hyuman use…

It is an industry that has had their research history.

It probably won’t be a matter where each part will compliment the other.

By the way, this is technically the creation of a new thing, but when I spoke about this matter to the eldwas, they just let out dry laughs.

Apparently two housewives in each gathering of dwarves were regulars of the hot spring resort.

“My apologies for the late report, Lisa-sama. We have finally secured full-time employees, so that facility has now become somewhat able to have shifts to function properly… But well, it was originally an internal company facility, so this might be a strange thing to report, but it seems like you have truly taken a liking to it, so…” (Makoto)

Slightly intimate, with the feeling as if I am speaking to a VIP customer.

It will most likely go smoother here if I give face to Lisa-san.

If I remember correctly, Lisa-san obtained permission to invite others.

If she is going to advertise us in order to increase our worth, then it is only natural to give back as well.

“! Really?!” (Lisa)

“Y-Yes. We have gotten a good connection with a person that has knowledge in make-up.” (Makoto)

Oku-sama gave more of a reaction than I thought.

When I made a light introduction of Shima-san to the other housewives, shock ran.

“Then…is it possible to increase the number of times we can go?” (Lisa)

“Yes, but this is a special case, so if there’s anyone that can’t take being assisted by demi-humans or there’s people with conditions, I plan on keeping it at a limited number of visits. A large number of employees in the Kuzunoha Company are demi-humans, so…do forgive me if we can’t accommodate in that regard.” (Makoto)

“I have already explained that to them.” (Lisa)

“…Huh?” (Makoto)

“No matter who takes off our clothes…no, no matter if we are told to undress ourselves, with that much effectiveness to it, one would want to participate at least once. That’s the kind of gathering this is…” (Lisa)

“…Seriously?” (Makoto)

“Seriously.” (Lisa)

Oku-sama answers playfully.

‘Want to participate at least once’?

In other words…eh?

“Could it be that…the two who came from Limia came all the way here to Tsige for the hot springs?” (Makoto)

When I directed my gaze there, the two averted their gaze and made excuses saying it was just while at it.

An excuse even I can easily tell is a lie.

Looks like I can’t refuse this.

Rather, since Oku-sama was the one who brought them here, you could say they are safe and profitable people.

“…That’s a surprise. Yeah, truly a surprise.” (Makoto)

“To the point of saying it twice? You have a living example of the results in the form of me, so the people here are simply the first group, you know?” (Lisa)

“1st group. Then, is it okay for someone to accompany you all to serve as a guide? Half and half so to make sure that there’s no inconveniences. I am thinking about maybe 1 night and 2 days to experience it… If you want to experience it with the whole group, I think we can provide our services for around 2 nights and 3 days if you are lenient about being slightly lacking in oud service. It will also be somewhat small rooms for wives of nobles and entrepreneurs though…” (Makoto)

“Are you talking about the room I used?” (Lisa)

“Yes, I am thinking about using that room.” (Makoto)

“If it is that room, then there’s no problem at all. 2 nights and 3 days? It will be the best experience you will have, everyone.” (Lisa)

Overjoyed must be a word to express what was happening here. An explosion of happiness and cheers happened.

It was as if they returned to their teens.

“There’s one more point I would like you to take note of.” (Makoto)

I have to say this.

“Raidou-sama won’t be there, and there will be times when Tomoe-sama and Mio-sama will be present, right?” (Lisa)

“…Y-Yeah. As you can see, I am a man. The ones who will be welcoming you there will be my close-aides Tomoe, Mio, or someone fitting the job.” (Makoto)

“No problem at all. So, when can we go there? Tonight? Tomorrow?” (Lisa)

I thought this person alone was calm, but it looks like Lisa-san is also quite entranced by the hot springs.

I don’t know if it is because she is being affected by the atmosphere, but her way of speaking is more childish than normal…and was somewhat alluring.

What a sly woman.

“It is mainly for bathing, so I don’t mind it being tonight, but…considering the amount of time you can stay there, I would say it would be best for it to be tomorrow.” (Makoto)

“I would like to introduce it to them as soon as possible due to the immediate effects of it…but our stay time prolonging is also appealing. This is a first experience after all…” (Lisa)

There’s no immediate effect in hot springs.

“Haha…again with your jokes.” (Makoto)

But I refuse.

This isn’t an atmosphere where I can say that.

“The monetary talk can be discussed at a later time, right?” (Lisa)

“? They are people Oku-sama has introduced to us because you want them to experience it, so I was planning on providing our services this time around for free though?” (Makoto)

Cheers of delight burst out again.

This is something I learned recently too.

People -especially women- are weak to the word free.

They love it.

I also like the word ‘free’, but after getting a decent amount of money, I am now the type that feels slightly bad about receiving something for free.

I think the ones who enjoy free things the most are women.

Well, there’s even people who have come all the way from Limia.

There should be no problem with having them experience it for free.

“…Experience THAT for free, you say?! I see… After they have tasted it, the price will soar to the high sky… Not bad. This will be the devil’s free experience for a woman.” (Lisa)

Oku-sama was muttering in a low voice.

Hmm, but price, huh.

I think it will become something like a spa resort, but will it be a number of times ticket or a membership ticket?

Tomoe and Mio are pretty passionate about that place too, so I should ask them later.

I could also consult with Rembrandt-san and his wife when they are calm.

I honestly think even 2 times a week is excessive, so I would say tickets for when they have to go would be better.


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