The Male Lead’S Substitute Wife Chapter 269

Ch.269 Let’s Make A Bet (3)

Shen Xiuqi glanced at Xu Chaoran across from him and carelessly said, “Then go ahead.” He acted as if he could do whatever he wanted.

Xu Chaoran ended up doing as he said, rolling the dice and then shuffling the tiles. In the end, all four changed their positions. Xu Chaoran sat in Su Yaya’s seat while Shen Xiuqi sat to the right of Xu Chaoran.

Xu Chaoran glanced at Shen Xiuqi, thinking happy: i’m going to have fun bullying you!

Who knew that in the end, he didn’t get to bully Shen Xiuqi, but it was the other way around.

After a few rounds, Xu Chaoran lost all his cash. In the end, he had no choice but to transfer money. No one could beat that.

“I’m done, I’m done.” Xu Chaoran was incredibly unlucky. He had never won once of the few rounds that they played. Even if he had a winning tile, it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t big enough.

Shen Xiuqi sat to the right of Xu Chaoran. He knew that the latter wanted to bully him, so he purposely played tricks with his cards. Who knew that Xu Chaoran played himself in the end.

“Only you would show off despite having trash skills.” Shen Xiuqi glanced at Xu Chaoran and faintly said this in a tone of dislike.

Xu Chaoran was against Shen Xiuqi from the start anyway. He immediately exploded after hearing Shen Xiuqi say this. “That’s right. I have trash skills, but you don’t?”

“Mine is a bit better than yours.” Shen Xiuqi faintly smiled.

Xu Chaoran was even more unhappy. “Then let’s compete in something else. I doubt that you can win me in other things.”

Shen Xiuqi also had a ball of anger in his stomach. Long when he provoked her, he had been thinking about giving him a harsh lesson.

“Okay. What do you compete in? I’ll accompany you!” Shen Xiuqi said.

Xu Chaoran grinded his teeth. Seeing that this was Su Yaya’s agritourism, he decided upon realtime forest survival. He laughed proudly, “Why don’t we compete in real time forest survival? The loser has to listen to the winner and do what they want.”

Shen Xiuqi lifted his brows, “One on one?”

Shen Xiuqi was confident that Xu Chaoran couldn’t win him if it was one on one. It was too easy to bully him.

Xu Chaoran observed Shen Xiuqi, more or less afraid of Shen Xiuqi. He knew that this guy had done quite a bit of that. He had a strong stamina. If they really dueled, it was difficult to say who would win and who would lose. But if they encountered strong companions, the result would be different.

“Let’s find a few more people and divide into two groups. You and I will be the leaders of two groups. The loser will receive the winner’s punishment. The leader will receive double the punishment.” Xu Chaoran increased the bet.

Shen Xiuqi agreed without even thinking, “Sure.”

Xu Chaoran gestured okay. He turned and said to Su Yaya, “Yaya, come along too.”

“She can’t.”

“I can’t.”

Shen Xiuqi and Su Yaya responded in unison.

Xu Chaoran glanced at the two, revealing a look of dislike at Shen Xiuqi. Then he smiled and coaxed Su Yaya, “I want you to be in the same group as me. Join my group, okay?”

“No, she has an unwell body.”

“No, I have an unwell body.”

Shen Xiuqi and Su Yaya responded in unison again.

This time, Xu Chengkun and Yan Junyan glanced at the two in shock. It wasn’t that there was something wrong with their words, but that the two had mutual understanding. It felt as if they had planned this.

One couldn’t help but think that there was something between the two due to their mutual understanding.


The Male Lead’S Substitute Wife

Status: Completed

When Su Yaya awakened, she found herself in a novel world as the CEO’s Substitute Wife–-a mere cannon fodder. Knowing that divorce and a tragic ending was awaiting her once her look-alike, the President’s first love returns, Su Yaya only trusted one thing: Money.

She curried favor with her husband each day, saved up resources, and served him as a faithful wife. It was better to leave a good impression on him before separation so she could avoid her death flags.

The overbearing President was very satisfied with her and personally gave her his platinum card: “Take it and buy anything you’d like!” Su Yaya happily accepted. Of course she would take advantage of his pampering before the female protagonist appears!

As the CEO unexpectedly falls deeper despite this transactional relationship, he never imagined that his wife would one day disappear from his side.


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