Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 895

Chapter 895: Senpai? Kouhai? Sensei?


His surprised yelp echoed in the room. Kotori choked on her tea as a result.

"What's the matter with you?!"

Wu Yan ignored Kotori's angry look, he continued examining the documents he received. He brought his face closer to the document just in case he read something wrong. He also rubbed his eyes to make doubly sure he's reading the document correctly.

"Wh-why, I'm just a probationary attack mage?..."

His job position is only a probationary attack mage, he isn't a full-fledged attack mage.

Hence, he can't complete his first quest yet.

Natsuki was also shocked by Wu Yan's huge response.

"You thought passing the interview meant you would become an attack mage immediately?"


Wu Yan blinked his eyes, he's still in shock.

"Isn't that supposed to be the case?"

Natsuki waved her fan, she thought about how to explain this properly.

"Look, when you're first starting out, you usually start somewhere at the bottom of the organizational chart, right? Attack mages are the elite forces of Itogami Island, what did you think was going to happen?!"

Without a doubt, Wu Yan had checked all the marks of an attack mage.

However, checking the marks isn't enough, for one, attack mages need to be well-trained and prepared for when disaster strikes, they need to think fast, and they need to adapt quickly, these skills are absolutely essential for the job.

His probation is a nod to his abilities as an attack mage but not his readiness to become one.

His mission required him to become an attack mage, probation mage isn't going to cut it.

Wu Yan lazily tossed the documents back on the table. He looked at Natsuki with a lethargic look.

"How do I get rid of the probationary title..."

"You get rid of it like in a normal company."

She beamed at him.

"A senior is going to mentor you and when you can handle cases on your own, you're officially an attack mage. That's it."

"You mean I need a senpai?"

Wu Yan felt odd, he asked her in a meek manner.

"Th-then, who's my mentor?"

"If we are talking about experience and abilities, there are almost no one higher than me in Itogami city..."

She closed her fan with a loud snap. Somehow, it felt like she's gloating to Wu Yan.

He felt an ominous feeling rising up. He hesitated but ultimately decided to ask her anyway.

"Fine, it's better than letting someone else guide me, I will be in your care, Natsuki..."

"It's just mentoring, not my first time teaching someone else."

Natsuki tapped the cup in front of her.

"First order of business, pour me a cup of black tea."


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears.

"Could you repeat that, I didn't hear you properly just now..."

"Not clear enough?"

Natsuki continued patiently.

"As someone who showed enormous largesse in onboarding a newbie, don't you think the newbie should pour a cup of tea as a gesture of courtesy?"

"Y-yeah, you have a point there..."

Wu Yan slightly gasped.

"It just feels like that's not your true intention."

"Well, don't sweat the small details..."

Kotori got the gist of her message, the same couldnt' be said of Wu Yan. It's so obvious, did the guy really need her to spell it out?

"Just go make it!"

Kotori rolled her eyes at Wu Yan.

"Cheap manservant!"

Wu Yan's lip started twitching, he finally got what she meant.

Natsuki is obviously cashing in on his brewing and cooking skills.

Wu Yan suppressed the frustration and disillusion within him. With dead eyes, he started making tea.

At least she just made him brew tea. If she told him to do chores like taking out the trash or cleaning the house, he's going to flip out.

"Oh, right."

She tapped Wu Yan's forehead with her fan.

"Report yourself to the Saikai High's teacher faculty today."


Wu Yan stopped.


"Isn't it obvious?"

Natsuki tilted her head.

"As your senpai is a teacher in that school, it should follow that you're going to be attached there as well."

"Y-you're saying..."

Wu Yan was flabbergasted.

"You want me to teach at that school?"

"12 O'clock sharp, don't be late."

Natsuki closed her eyes with a smile.

"You're going to find out it's easier being a teacher than an attack mage..."

Wu Yan's thought ran wild.

Itogami City, Saikai Middle School division...

"You're the new guy Natsuki-senpai introduced?"

Walking along a corridor with yellow qipao and two lustrous legs, the attractive teacher with her hair tied into two buns at the side of her cast a curious glance in Wu Yan's direction. They were making their way over to their respective classes. It didn't sit right with Wu Yan to be inspected like this.

The hot teacher's name is Sasasaki Misaki, a rather complex and hard to understand name, she's just as complex as an individual.

She graduated from the same university as Natsuki. Like Natsuki, she's an attack mage sent here to oversee Saikai Academy as an attack mage and teacher. Strictly speaking, she's Wu Yan's senpai.

She's the homeroom teacher for one of the classes in the middle school section. Wu Yan didn't know about her jobs, he will be in charge of teaching subjects at the class she's overseeing.

After a series of sudden events, he's now a teacher for the middle school section.

Wu Yan already got the taste of being a student again. After years of studying, he's already a student through and through. However, this is the first time he taught as a teacher.

He already discarded most of the knowledge he picked up in school, how is he going to teach anyone besides making a fool of himself?

Fortunately for him, he's in charge of teaching Art subjects, he can rely on Impeccable memory to memorize all the nitty gritty details, by regurgitating textbook content, he managed to save himself from embarrassment.

He's still a bit frustrated. He didn't think he would become a teacher, luckily he's only teaching middle school students...

"Yes, Sasasaki Misaki-senpai..."

He replied politely despite losing positive vibe over his new job.

"I am still a newbie, Natsuki...senpai's probationary attack mage, I will be in your care!"


She grinned widely.

"You're her Kouhai, that makes you my kouhai too, if you need anyt help just come to me, I can help you."


Wu Yan chuckled.

"Alright, I will be counting on you..."

"Leave it to me!"

She patted her chest while standing straight, Wu Yan's eyes almost fell victim to the gravitational pull of her fatty muscles.

"Okay, let's introduce you to the students!"



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