Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 894

Chapter 894: My little sister is too tsundere


Wu Yan felt a stinging sensation coming from his stomach on a bright sunny morning. Any resemblance of sleepiness got blew away along with the oxygen in his lungs. He groaned in pain.

He looked at the source of the pain only to see a petite figure at the edge of his bed, she had her foot on his stomach.

It didn't take long for him to figure out what happened.


Wu Yan rubbed his stomach with clenched teeth.

"You're trying to kill your hub..."


She predicted Wu Yan's sentence so she glared at him to shut him down. Her red eyes were flashing with dangerous intent. Wu Yan rephrased himself.

"You're trying to kill your brother?"


She tossed her twintails back, she didn't care that her foot's still on Wu Yan's body, she pressed down harder, throwing a few twists for good measure.

"I don't know how else to wake you up without getting myself done in. Also, you're not my real brother, I just called you one."

She grumbled with a blushing face, she probably remembered how Wu Yan treated her when she woke him up previously. She stomped on his stomach.

"Stop that, you're gonna make me puke last night's dinner!"

Wu Yan grabbed her foot as he bounced up from the bed.

"And, don't say done in like I am some kind of lewd beast. I only gave you a thank you plus good morning kiss, that's only natural, right?"

"You say it like it's a gift from you."

Kotori gnashed her teeth at him.

"You should add forced to describe your actions!"

"I can't help it."

Wu Yan replied without a hint of remorse.

"My little sister is so tsundere, if I don't go on the offensive, when will progress happen?"

Kotori got furious, she stomped a few more times.

"Take your tsundere, take your offense, take your progress and shove it!"


Wu Yan ate all three kicks from her, he uttered a weird yelp. Kotori felt a bit bad, she jumped down the bed with a flushed look.

"Alright, I am gonna wake you up like this from now on!"

Kotori passed down her judgment.

"Nooo! Kotori!"

Wu Yan cried out loud.

"How can you treat your beloved brother like this!"

"Don't say it like I am a cruel person!"

Kotori snapped back at him.

"You just want to take advantage of the situation to get yourself some!"


Wu Yan knew words won't get him anywhere. He started chortling.

"It's just a kiss, we have done things way more passionate than that... Like this and that..."

Kotori gave him another dangerous leer. She got into a stance that meant she's going to kick him to kingdom come if he speaks another word. He silently laughed inside himself.

The same trick won't work on a Saint twice, my naïve sister, just wait, your stepbro is going to eat you up, bones and all, just you wait...

Kotori wasn't aware that she got into Wu Yan's to-do list. She opened the windows to his room deftly and she threw away his blanket.

"Get up! You lazy bum of a vampire!"


Wu Yan sighed, with no hope of returning to the sandman's embrace, he left his bed.

"I wish I am a vampire, at least I get to sleep all day if that's the case..."

Outside, the sky is clear blue, there's no trace of the night left. He can see sunlight reflected off the waters around Itogami Island. For a vampire, the prickling light is a torment for him. Even a primogenitor would agree with him today isn't an outside day.

Kotori who understood Wu Yan immediately shot him down.

"No, primogenitors might be justified but you just want an excuse to sleep all day!"

Wu Yan grinned when Kotori read his mind, he got up, went to the bathroom to get ready for a new day.

It's been a few days since their arrival in Itogami Island.

Unlike when they first wandered around, Wu Yan and Kotori found themselves a home in Natsuki's residence. They stayed here for the past few days.

She's not as vigilant against them as when she responded to the security alarm. However, they are still unregistered aliens so it would be hard and dangerous for them to walk around in Itogami City without IDs. Even unregistered demons had residency proof whereas they didn't.

If Natsuki didn't give them a place to stay, they would have resorted to extreme measures like staying in a racy love hotel.

It's only a matter of time before Natsuki pull some strings and get them some IDs. In any case, they made great progress in their foray into Itogami City.

Wu Yan took part in the trials for an attack mage, recommended by Natsuki. Today is the day they are going to find out the result. He's making progress on his quest.

Wu Yan has no doubts over his result. He used spatial magic during the trial. It's a high level magic in this world, Natsuki is a mage renowned for her mastery over spatial magic.

With his performance, passing should be a cinch.

Under Kotori's constant pecking, Wu Yan finally got around to tidying himself up for breakfast. Kotori sat on her sofa, sipping tea over a job well done.

Wu Yan started wondering if Kotori's passion is actually fuelled by her desire for good food.

When delicious smells wafted out and into Natsuki's room, she came out sniffing like a cat to a fish on the porch.

"You're unexpectedly a good husband material..."

Natsuki commented after she had a taste of his food, she couldn't give anything but a 100% on his cooking.

"Men like you are rare nowadays..."

Kotori nodded along. She added a bit of sass to her comment.

"That's about the only thing he's good for!"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at Kotori. He smiled at Natsuki.

"If you like it so much, have some more. We are imposing on you by letting us stay here so this much should only be natural..."

Natsuki shook her head.

"Well, stay as long as you want, I don't have any objections!"

Rather, she would like for Wu Yan to keep staying here.

He's a god at cooking, can brew tea that's out of this world, if it wasn't for his gender, Natsuki would have hired Wu Yan was her maid.

Granted, she's already treating him like a servant.

She glanced at Wu Yan. She took out a dossier and she tossed it over to Wu Yan.

"Here's your job offer!"

Wu Yan flinched, he looked at the report and he was greatly shocked.



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