Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 893

Chapter 893: The rowdy familiars

After summoning his familiars, Wu Yan discovered other perks aside from the vassal beasts immense destructive capabilities.

These familiars are magic power given thought and form, in essence, they were magic power aggregates that were sentient.

Although vampires pay magic power to use these familiars. When they first merge with their hosts, the familiars' original magic power also merged with the summoner.

In other words, the host also got a boost to his magic power even if it's only once.

Wu Yan can also use a portion of this extra magic power at will.

The implications were far-reaching...

The two dragon familiars he summoned weren't your average familiars. Judging by the anomalous flames and lightning they can emit, these familiars were probably in their own classes when it comes to power. Wu Yan who grasped the familiar's nature knew the flames and lightning were fundamentally not flames or lightning.


A wisp of white flame and black static lightning were discharged from Wu Yan. It looked like he lost control for a second. The next second, the discharge were cut off. Wu Yan's expression is a bit flushed, it seems like something went wrong.

Natsuki saw this and she commented.

"Looks like you can't properly control your familiars..."

Wu Yan didn't do that on purpose. That came out from within him, Natsuki has seen enough to know what happened. She has a student who had incredible vassal beasts dwelling within him too, that guy also has the same kind of problem.

Vassal beasts refusing to cooperate or acting out of control.

She frowned because this is a very problematic situation. Wu Yan's familiars were out of this world in power, strength, and abilities. In a way, his familiars were harder to handle than her problem student's familiars. If Wu Yan lost control, it would be equivalent to a bomb going off in the middle of the city.

Wu Yan heard her. He gave her a cheeky wink. With a naughty grin, he raised his hands. He made sure Natsuki can see his hands. Then, he materialized a jet of white flames and a lightning orb above his palms, greatly surpising Natsuki.

Then, Wu Yan started shifting between flames and lightning, he would make flames shoot out of his right hand then shoot out of his left hand while playing with lightning like some kind of party clown, juggling his newfound powers like he's playing with harmless firecrackers. He demonstrated a control so high it looked like he trained for years in handling these powers.

Natsuki gasped as she got slammed with astonishment.

"You, didn't you just..."


Wu Yan juggled flames and lightning while nonchalantly explaining himself.

"The vassals took me by surprise, they tried to pull a quick one on me, what you saw was them making a ruckus within me. Now..."

Wu Yan chuckled with a confident look.

"Even if they rampage, once they are inside me, they can forget about escaping my control."

The two dragon familiars weren't chill with taking orders from Wu Yan. But, with Eternal Arms Mastery, he can fully utilize them, keeping them in line.

The familiars were sentient so after they figured out their master's abilities, they gave up all notion of rebellion. Instead, they decided to go dormant in his blood, waiting for the day their master calls upon them...

The familiars' sentience gave vampires an added advantage. For instance, because of this, they weren't easily fooled like normal beasts. If the familiars were just blobs of magic power given form without sentience, the vassal beasts would have to be demoted several levels.

But, there were downsides too. Vassal beasts might deem their masters unfit, incapable, or get frustrated with their masters. Then, these familiars would rampage out of the summoner's control, it's quite common for this to happen when there's a great disparity between the summoner and the familiars. Taken together, these cases were far and few in between.

Wu Yan's cocksure look drew another look of amazement from Natsuki. She shifted her attention to the flames and lightning in his hands. She examined it with a grave look.

Upon closer inspection, she understood that these powers were more terrifying than she had initially assumed. The flames weren't hot and the lightning didn't behave according to the law of physics, she can tell, these powers were entirely different from anything she knew.

Especially that black lightning in his hand, when she laid her eyes on them, she felt terrified.

It's not because the lightning is more powerful than the flames. It just felt like the black lightning is a nemesis to her...

Natsuki inhaled deeply as she calmed down. She gave him a stern look.

"Store your powers away. Sheesh, you could have properly control them from the start..."

Wu Yan sensed frustration in her words. She assumed Wu Yan's momentary lost of powers were a trick to prank her.

"Hey, don't blame me for that!"

Wu Yan admitted.

"They really tried to rebel at the start!"

Natsuki asked him in puzzlement.

"But, why?"

"Who knows?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Maybe they weren't cool with listening to someone who hadn't taken in the blood of others just like a certain student of yours. They tried to assert their dominance..."

Wu Yan threw that theory out without conscious thought, however, he did hit the right answer.

Natsuki uttered.


"You mean to tell me you've never sucked other people's blood?"

"Y-yeah, got a problem with that?"

When Natsuki stared at him intently, Wu Yan felt a bit uncomfortable.

"I don't require blood to keep myself going, I also don't need magic power from others, why the heck would I need to sink my fangs into someone else?"

Natsuki flinched. She nodded.

"Right, with your magic power, I don't think you will ever need to suck other people's blood to refill magic power..."

She looked at the devastation Wu Yan wrong and she headed for the exit, leaving Wu Yan with a suggestive line.

"Come, now that we are done with summoning your familiars, we have another destination on our schedule."

"To where?"

Wu Yan chased after her.

"Seriously, where are we going?"

"You want to become an attack mage, right?"


Wu Yan's eyes lit up.

"Are we going to do that now?"

"Yes, I just need to present your request to them."

Natsuki replied without turning her head back.

"Whether or not you can become one, depends on your own abilities."


Wu Yan mused out loud, clearly intrigued.

"You're saying this is an interview?"

"More or less."

Natsuki replied.

"I don't know if that girl who was with you is your romantic partner or really your sister, she did good by offering to take Nagisa home. If she's with us, we won't be able to proceed so smoothly..."

Natsuki looked at Wu Yan with a suspicious smile.

"Maa, let's hope you don't regret your decision later..."

Wu Yan thought she's just worried about his chances of passing the interview.

"Don't worry! Everything will be fine!"

He has no idea what's in store for him...


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