Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 741

Chapter 741 The End (Part Two)

Since Yan Kingdom had taken in some remainders of Ding General Manor, the country would definitely become the Qin Kingdom’s enemy. Bai Yihao was the commander-in-chief of Yan Kingdom. On the surface, the only person in the Qin Kingdom who could suppress the troops of Ding General Manor was King Xuan, Feng Yuran. In the past, Fu General and King of Xian were on different sides of Ding General Manor. They seemed to be friendly on the surface, but in private, they held each other back.

The war drew near. Feng Yuran bid farewell to Mo Xuetong and led the army to the border. It was winter, so it was a little cold. Mo Xuetong stood on a small mountain town outside the city gate and could not help crying with a handkerchief in her hand when she saw the purple general’s robe disappear from her sight.

Mo Xuetong felt sad and could not hold back her tears when she thought that he had to go to the battle field and could not sleep well. The war was urgent and he had to go. However, knowing was one thing; but her emotions was another. She was truly worried. Bai Yihao was still a man like mountain far away from her in her past life.

“Tong’er, leave first as you’re weak. Don’t make His Highness worry about you after he leaves,” Xu Yan, who had a big belly, comforted Mo Xuetong in a low voice. She was about to give birth, but she was still worried and followed behind Mo Xuetong. She looked good and much more charming. She was no longer the lonely girl she used to be, no matter in terms of demeanor or appearance.

“Mother, I’m fine. You don’t have to stay in the manor with me. You’re heavily pregnant. Take a good rest and give birth to a boy to be my brother.” Mo Xuetong stopped exposing her sadness and wiped her tears. A faint smile painted her face as she spoke to Xu Yan with a smile.

Mo Yufeng had already been expelled from the Mo Manor. Even though he had recovered from his injuries after being beaten so badly, he had already become lame. One day, he somehow died along the streets.

As such, both Mo Huawen and Mo Xuetong valued the child in Xu Yan’s belly.

“I am not so delicate. Furthermore, who knows if it’s a younger brother.” Xu Yan sighed and smiled bitterly. She really hoped that she could have a son. Judging by the current situation of the Mo Manor, they really needed a man to inherit the family. If she could give birth to a boy this time, she would be able to stand firm in the Mo Manor.

It was because Xu Yan did not have a younger brother that she and her mother could not live in their family of origin. That was why she had to seek refuge with her aunt in the capital. Money could stir the heart. Her father left a good fortune. but the clansmen were greedy. If it had not been for the protection of Fu General Manor, she and her mother would have lived on the streets back then. It was because her mother did not have a son.

“Mother, don’t worry. Even if it isn’t a younger brother this time, you can pregnant next time. Father is not old and you are even younger,” Mo Xuetong comforted Xu Yan when she saw her words aroused her worry.

“I can only think that way. With your words, I have more confidence.” Xu Yan also smiled sincerely.

The two of them held each other and got on the horse carriage. At Mo Xuetong’s insistence, Xu Yan returned to the Mo Manor.

When the spring came and flowers bloomed, it would be the time for him to return!

It was all that Feng Yuran had promised Mo Xuetong!

Seeing that Mo Xuetong was hesitating, Mo Ye thought that she was concerned about that matter. Thus, she went up to her and asked, “My Lady, what about the nunnery?”

“There’s no need to have someone keep an eye on her. Just let her be!” Mo Xuetong responded lightly. There were some things that she was unwilling to pursue. So what if she was wrong or right? So many years had passed; since she did not want others to disturb her life, then Mo Xuetong would give her peace and quiet…

In the letter left by Princess Royal, everything was clearly explained. Consort Jin had her excuse for not to recognize her and her mother. It was reasonable; but in terms of emotion, she really could not accept it. In her last life, even if, even if she could give her a hand…

Forget it. Since Consort Jin didn’t recognize her, she wouldn’t disturb her peace!

At the border, the two armies confronted each other. The soldiers were deployed, waiting for fight and building their own military forces. The war was on the verge of breaking out. No one knew that the commanders-in-chief of the two armies had agreed to meet in a forest on the edge of the battlefield at this time.

On the left, Bai Yihao was dressed in a silver robe embroidered with fire-cloud patterns; his waist was tied with a black belt as wide as a palm with a silver buckle; his long hair was tied to his head with a silver crown; he wore a black cloak and sat straight on the chair; his face was exquisite and beautiful, making him look as handsome as an immortal.

However, due to the white and black campaign gown, his gentleness made people feel cold for no reason. His handsome eyes were extremely clear and beautiful, as deep as dark jade. It was hard for people to see what he was thinking. There was a hint of bloodthirsty sharpness in his eyes. He was no longer the seemingly free-spirited Sir Bai, who was as elegant as an immortal on the streets of the Qin Kingdom’s capital.

On the right, Feng Yuran was wearing a purple robe, which was gorgeous and flamboyant, just like him; he was gorgeous, charming, and a little lazy. Although he was wearing a suit of armor, it still made people feel that he was enchanting. His dark jade-like pretty eyes looked a little aggressive. He looked around with his beautiful eyes. It was only when people looked at him carefully that they found the evil look in his eyes.

The two most outstanding men in the world, a pair of beautiful young men who were as beautiful as the moon and demons, had the same distinguished status and stunning appearance. Moreover, they were the commanders-in-chief of both sides of the battle. Unexpectedly, in such a small place, they sat there and drank wine, as if they were very close to each other.

The small tent was set up here. Outside the tall tent, it was snowing. The first snow in this winter fell down like this. The two handsome young men in the forest were playing chess, and they looked as if they were immortals from outer space.

“I want her!” It was the first thing Bai Yihao said. His gentle eyes were filled with determination. He reached out, took out a piece of paper from his arms and handed it to Feng Yuran. “Even though you once destroyed one of them, the engagement agreement has always been done in duplicate. If I were to make it public, how would you marry her as your legal wife? How would she be the Crown Prince’s wife in the Qin Kingdom?”

The engagement agreement Bai Yihao carried had been stolen by Feng Yuran and then burned by Mo Xuetong. However, there was no engagement agreement in the Mo Manor, so Feng Yuran had already known that Bai Yihao still had the other one. He glanced at it coldly and squinted at the engagement agreement on the table. It was an old piece of paper and one could tell at a glance that it had been some time.

Feng Yuran gently lifted his jade-like hand, and a black chess piece fell from his hand. “If you really want to marry her, why didn’t you ask for it back then? I remember that you could have asked for it before I did. Or do you just want the jade token in her hand? I can promise to give it to you!” he asked leisurely, looking noble but evil. He did not give in at all.

Then he took out something and placed it in front of Bai Yihao.

That was the jade token that had been in Mo Xuetong’s hand; it was a jade token that could command secret guards. There was another secret in it. That jade token could connect with the jade tokens in Princess Shuanglan’s and Princess Royal’s hands and formed a large jade token. It was said that one could find the treasure left behind by King Jin back then, and that King Jin’s blank imperial edict and his personal seal were all in it.

However, it was a rumor after all. Only Mo Xuetong and he knew that in fact, King Jin’s personal seal was in Mo Xuetong’s jade bangle. There was an occasional chance that Mo Xuetong fell and broke the jade bangle. Only then did she realize that it was hollow inside. There was also a note that King Jin had left behind with King Jin’s private seal.

There was no blank imperial edict at all. If there was really a blank imperial edict, how could King Jin be defeated?

The jade bangle and the other jade bangle were just a pair. King Jin emptied one of them and put his personal seal and the paper he had left behind in it. He gave the pair of jade bangles to his eldest daughter, Princess Shuanglan. He thought that no matter who got it, they would always keep such precious jade bangles carefully. Furthermore, one of them was real. No one would think that there was a secret in one of them.

However, he did not expect the incident to happen so suddenly. King Jin did not have the time to get someone to bring the news to Princess Shuanglan before he died. Consort Jin, who knew the truth, was saved by Fu General’s wife after she escaped. The two of them gave birth to children about the same time. However, the girl that Fu General’s wife gave birth to died within a day due to her weak constitution. Hence, Luo Xia became the daughter of Fu General.

After that, Luo Xia married Mo Huawen and stayed in Cloud City with him. Who would have thought that Princess Shuanglan would appear and ask Luo Xia to go with her? How could Luo Xia, who already had a husband and daughter, be willing to go with her? As such, Princess Shuanglan left in a fit of anger. Then, when Princess Shuanglan appeared again, she wanted to get engaged for Mo Xuetong and her son. Luo Xia, who felt sorry for her elder sister, had no choice but to agree.

As such, the jade bangle had strangely fallen into Luo Xia’s hands. After Nanny Ming’s reminder, Luo Xia knew how important the jade bangle was, so she gave it to Mo Xuetong before she died. She thought that if her daughter were to reach the end of her rope in the future, she could use it to seek her own path of life. Thus, even though she had gotten Nanny Ming to swear on her daughter’s name, she had said at the end that if Mo Xuetong asked about the jade bangle, Nanny Ming had to tell her everything in detail.

There was no imperial edict and King Jin’s personal seal was in the jade bangle. King Jin’s secret guards had already fallen into Feng Yuran’s hands. The secret guards in Mo Xuetong’s hands had worked for Bai Yihao. In fact, there was no difference if she gave the jade token to Bai Yihao or not. Therefore, Feng Yuran took it out generously.

“I don’t want it. She is my fiancee. I only want her.” Bai Yihao pushed the jade token away and narrowed his eyes. There was a hint of viciousness in his gentle eyes. “I have already sent someone to kidnap her. As long as she falls into my hands, there will definitely be rumors of her losing her reputation in the capital. She will no longer be the Crown Prince’s wife of the Qin Kingdom.”

“Do you have to destroy her?” The corners of Feng Yuran’s lips curled up dangerously. No one would let down their guard when they fought against each other mentally.

“I don’t want to destroy her, but I want her!” Bai Yihao did not answer him directly. Instead, he said confidently, “If you are willing to return her to me, I will withdraw my troops now and give you the next five cities of Yan Kingdom to help you become the Qin Emperor who has achieved untold feats.”

The Qin Kingdom and Yan Kingdom had been at war off and on for hundreds of years, but no one could do anything to the other. The two royal families both wanted to conquer each other. If he really got five cities of Yan Kingdom, Feng Yuran would be one of the greats in history. It was a tempting thing for an ambitious Emperor.

Bai Yihao had always known that Feng Yuran was an ambitious man!

The white chess piece in his hand landed on a corner and blocked the way of Feng Yuran’s chess piece at the corner!

“She is my wife. I can’t give her to anyone. It’s my wish to fight with Yan Kingdom. If I want your cities, I will take them from the battlefield. As for to be one of the greats in history, if I don’t have her company, I will be too lonely!” Feng Yuran smiled devilishly. He did not hesitate to put down the black chess piece in his hand. He took over a piece of land that Bai Yihao did not expect, and ate a few of Bai Yihao’s white chess pieces.

“I have an army of 100,000 and they are under my direct control. How can you beat me? If you lose, I can rush to the Qin Kingdom’s capital and take her away, making her my Crown Prince’s wife.” Bai Yihao narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the chess game. A pretty smile appeared on his lips. “If I don’t give you the antidote now, you won’t be able to save her either.”

The ancestral root of the Yuxiao Flower stolen by Feng Yuran was left to Bai Yihao in the end. If anyone in the world could make out the antidote to the poison in Mo Xuetong’s body in the present world, it would be Bai Yihao.

He was using this to threaten Feng Yuran because he did not believe that Feng Yuran would disregard Mo Xuetong’s life. The antidote in his arms now, but he would not take it out at this time. He thought of the intelligent woman who was cold and charming. His lips curled up and his smile was gentle and elegant. His smile was so warm that the wind and snow outside the tent could not even block it.

He wanted her! He would definitely get her! And he believed that he would get her!

Without the antidote, Mo Xuetong would not be able to live. If she wanted to live, she had to be sent to him. If Feng Yuran really liked Mo Xuetong, he would not take her life as a bet. Bai Yihao was confident that he was the only one in the world who could really make the antidote!

No one had ever done it in the past, and no one would ever do it in the future!


Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter

Status: Completed

She was disfigured and her mother died an innocent death. A cup of poison wine was not enough to kill her and she had to die by plunging into burning flames! Before entering her next lifetime, she vowed to change history and get her revenge!

When she opened her eyes again, she was 13 again. Her mother had just passed and her father had yet remarried. To prevent history from repeating itself, she took careful steps.

However, she ended up discovering a 30-year-old mystery case that had been hidden all these while. She had been reborn as a beauty and was not going to give up on herself.

She was going to live out her best life with her alluring charms!


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