Raising A Fox Spirit In My Home Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Among the Stronger There Is Always a Stronger

When Ruan Hongling heard Zhou Qin's voice, she immediately stood up. She quickly turned her back and wiped her eyes. When she turned around, her face was already full of smiles. "Zhou Qin, you're back? Have you seen my Shijie?"

Zhou Qin's heart was fraught with questions, but when she saw that Ruan Hongling was not willing to answer her question, it wasn't appropriate for her to pursue the matter any further. She said, "No, I was just about to look for her. Where have you been these days?"

Ruan Hongling said with an unnatural smile, "I'm going back to the Linggong Sect."

Zhou Qin asked curiously, "What are you doing back there?"

Ruan Hongling hesitated for a moment before she faltered and said, "No matter. Just go back and find something."

Zhou Qin stopped asking and said sensibly, "Well, I see. Wait for the coming back of Zi Yuan to tell me that I have something to tell her."

But Ruan Hongling heard the sound of a key coming from the door when she smiled and was about to speak. Zi Yuan pushed open the door and entered.

Ruan Hongling's gaze sharpened. She said with a smile, "Shijie, you've come just at the right time. We were talking about you!"

When Zi Yuan saw Ruan Hongling, she was also stunned. Although Ruan Hongling had used a trick to make Su Chan and Zhou Qin go to Mount Huangshan, and she had been furious at that time, but several days had passed. Even if she was angry, Zi Yuan's heart had dissipated a lot. She asked in surprise, "Hongling? You're back? Where have you been these days? Why didn't you say hello to me?"

Ruan Hongling smiled and did not respond to her. Instead, she pointed to Zhou Qin and said, "Zhou Qin has something to tell you. Shoot, I'll go back to my room first."

Zi Yuan looked at Ruan Hongling with a puzzled expression as she quickly walked into her own room. She was in a state of panic with her ponytail swaying behind her head, as if she was trying to avoid her.

She shook her head secretly and muttered to herself, "What is this girl doing?"

Zi Yuan couldn't figure it out. After thinking for a while, she stopped thinking about it. She said to Zhou Qin with a smile, "Zhou Qin, did you send the letter back? How was it along the way? Did they make things difficult for you?"

Zhou Qin sighed softly and said, "Many things have happened, and I don't know where to begin talking about."

Zi Yuan smiled slightly and said, "It's okay. Take your time."

Zhou Qin sorted out her thoughts and told him everything that had happened in Mount Kōya. She only concealed the content of the Spirit Space that the monk of Mount Kōya had used her illusion technique to test herself.

Zi Yuan was fascinated by his words, especially when Zhou Qin said that Masako Tachibana gathered the fashen True God with clouds and cut down the power of the earth with a sword. Even though she was experienced and knowledgeable, she couldn't help but be moved. Zi Yuan couldn't help but exclaim, "How could this Masako Tachibana be so powerful? Using the weather to break the earth's Qi, she must be at least in the realm of the Lightning Retribution phase !"

Zhou Qin nodded with fear and said, "She is indeed very powerful. In front of her, I feel like my hands and feet are tied. Even if I want to fight, my strength will be greatly reduced."

Zi Yuan pondered for a while and said, "You went there with great value. At least you know that Aoyuan Goddess is born with huge flaws. Otherwise, Tsuruko Tachibana wouldn't thank you so much."

Zhou Qin asked curiously, "Did your master Wang Yuanshan tell you about him and Tsuruko Tachibana?"

Zi Yuan shook her head and said, "I haven't heard master mention it before. If you hadn't mentioned it today, I wouldn't have known that these things had happened. However, I can roughly guess how you enlightened an orange crane. If I haven't guessed wrong, your casual words must have accidentally woken her up and let her understand that it was the wooden barrel that was left everywhere. If you practiced magic power with your body of five punctures, the more you learned the more you lost naturally."

Zi Yuan said with a slight smile, "The reason why the Goddess is so powerful is that they can use their special constitution and bloodline to be the same as the gods' soul. They can also use the power of the gods' soul to defeat their opponents. But they lack the cultivation of their bodies. How can they do it without cultivation? It's like a person has one leg long and one leg short."

Zhou Qin's face lit up with joy. "You're right. I've thought about it before as well. Now I'm more relieved to hear that. So, master should have a good chance of winning? Even Tsuruko Tachibana said master could win!"

However, Zi Yuan shook her head. "Not necessarily!"

Zhou Qin was very anxious and hurriedly asked, "Why is that?"

Zi Yuan sighed softly and said, "Even if you know her weakness, it doesn't mean that you can definitely defeat her. It's like you know where the weakness of a giant is, but he is mighty in martial arts. You can't get close to him, and you can't hit his weakness. What's the use of that?"

Zhou Qin was greatly disappointed: "what should we do? How did your Master Wang Yuanshan defeat Tsuruko Tachibana? "

Zi Yuan thought about it and shook her head helplessly. "I don't know..."

Zhou Qin bit his lip and said firmly, "No, I have to tell my master about this immediately."

Zi Yuan immediately said, "No! You can't say it!"

Zhou Qin's eyes widened. "Why not?"

Zi Yuan said with a serious face, "Now Li Yundong is in closed-door cultivation. If you disturb him and tell him about this matter. Superficially, it seems to be beneficial to Li Yundong and let him know the shortcomings and flaws of Masako Tachibana, in fact, he still hasn't given the answer to how to attack this defect and flaw. Li Yundong will certainly have his mind shaken, and he can't concentrate on cultivating bravely when he is in closed-door cultivation. On the contrary, he will spend his time thinking about how to find the flaws of Masako Tachibana."

Zhou Qin said hurriedly, "But the most important thing at the moment is to defeat Masako Tachibana. Is there anything wrong with studying your opponent?"

However, Zi Yuan laughed and said, "Zhou Qin, you are wrong. The only opponent of each of us will always be ourselves! The most important thing is to make yourself stronger, and studying your opponents will only make you fall into a dead end in Japan! Don't think that Masako Tachibana is the most terrible enemy in the world. The enemies will never end, and there will always be opponents stronger than you. Do you think that Mount Kōya is the strongest religion in Japan? You are wrong!"

Zhou Qin was shocked. "Could it be that there is another force that is more powerful than Zhenyan Tantrism?"

Zi Yuan nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, in terms of Buddhism forces, Zhenyan Tantrism is only ranked second in Japan. The number one in Japanese Buddhism forces is Pure Land School!"

Zhou Qin was tongue-tied. "Pure Land School? Isn't this a branch of our Chinese Buddhism?"

Zi Yuan nodded slightly and said, "Yes, Pure Land School is similar to Zhenyan Tantrism. They were formed after Buddhism was passed down to Japan in the Central Plains. What's different from Zhenyan Tantrism is that Pure Land School mainly has a history of Japan. Even during the period of the Tang and Warring States Period, the base camp of the Pure Land Sect, the Wish Temple, even privately trained a large number of Monk soldiers. At that time, in order to draw Pure Land School over to their side, they had carried out various political transactions and even arranged marriage with them."

Zhou Qin was stunned: "A monk also marry?"

Zi Yuan said with a smile, "Yes, some monks of Pure Land School can get married and have children."

Zhou Qin was unable to stifle a laugh. "Some of these fickle monks also believe in them?"

However, Zi Yuan said, "Don't look down on them. The Monk soldier of Pure Land School was well-known all over the world. It's common for them to recite Buddhist scriptures and kill people with knives. Even Takeda Shingen, such a famous figure, has to fawn on them. Over the past thousands of years, the power of Pure Land School has already penetrated into every corner of Japan."

Zhou Qin sighed and said, "When I met those monks on Mount Kōya, I already felt that some of them were strong enough to be abnormal. But I didn't expect that there were cultivators who were even more abnormal than them in Japan!"

Zi Yuan smiled slightly and said, "There are too many schools of Zhenyan Tantrism and too many of them are too complicated. Ancient meaning school and new meaning school are constantly fighting with each other, so the sects and organizations are relatively loose. As for, Pure Land School is much more strict. Moreover, this sect has been secretly training a very secret Monk soldier army in my Wishing Temple. This Monk soldier has been kept since the Warring States Period. No sect in the cultivation world has such a disciplined and aggressive cultivation army."

Zhou Qin sighed and said, "I've learned a lot... Fortunately, the place where I sent the letter this time is not from the Wishing Temple of Pure Land School."

Zi Yuan laughed and said, "However, if you think that Pure Land School is the biggest cultivation sect in Japan, then you are wrong again!"

Zhou Qin was horrified. "Could there be a cultivation sect stronger than Pure Land School?"

Zi Yuan said, "Yes! The number one power in the Japanese cultivation world is neither Zhenyan Tantrism nor Pure Land School. It's the Japanese national religion, the religion of Shintoism! In Japan, almost all Japanese people believe in Shintoism. According to tradition, a few days after a Japanese child is born, he will be taken to the shrine by his parents to worship the gods. In Japan, there are thousands of temples. These temples are all places of Shintoism. And in Japan, there are 96 million people who believe in Buddhism. The number of people who believe in Shintoism is one. Although the difference is not big, because many people believe in Buddhism and religion at the same time, in fact, the number of believers of Shintoism is far more than that!"

"What's more, even Masako Tachibana and Tsuruko Tachibana you met before, as well as Tachibana Wakako who took part in the Taoist assembly. In fact, they used to be the goddess of Shintoism. However, because of the faction's rejection and struggle, they eventually chose to cooperate with Zhenyan Tantrism."

Hearing this, Zhou Qin's hair all over her body stood up. She asked subconsciously, "Will they also go on the day of the battle?", "Will these believers of Pure Land School and Shintoism go there on the day of the fight?"

Zi Yuan nodded slowly. "That's right! That day, it's the day when all the major schools of Zhenyan Tantrism will be elected as the chief executive. It's not only a big day in the Japanese cultivation world, but also a day that the people of Japan will pay attention to. On that day, not only Pure Land School, Zhenyan Tantrism, Shintoism, and the other cultivation sects, but also the other sects in Japan, such as Fahua Sect, Tiantai Sect, Faxiang Sect, Onmyodo etc... will all go there!"

Hearing this, Zhou Qin was speechless. She originally thought that Zhenyan Tantrism was already a top sect in the Japanese cultivation world. However, she did not expect that the strong would be attacked by the strong. Zhenyan Tantrism was just the tip of the iceberg in the Japanese cultivation world!

How could such a small country be like this? What about China with a long history?

Zhou Qin couldn't help looking out of the window. For a moment, worry climbed up her eyebrows. "How many cultivation sects are hidden in the Divine Land? And how many masters are hidden? Master... Can he cope with them?"


Raising A Fox Spirit In My Home

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