Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 590.2

Chapter 590: Refresh, shameless (Part 2)

“It’s fine if you know your mistakes. You can correct them.” Xiao Tianyao nodded in satisfaction and said as he ate. He has completely forgotten that he just taught Lin Chujiu, not to talk while eating.

“Mmm. When I go back, I will only eat two dishes per meal, so that it won’t be wasted.” Although she will have two fewer meals, she has lived through hardships. The chef in Xiao Wangfu has good craftsmanship. Two dishes per meal were more than enough.

“There is no need to reduce the number of dishes. You will eat with benwang in the future.” Two people, four dishes, it wouldn’t be a waste. Such a simple question, Lin Chujiu, this stupid woman can’t think of it.

“Oh…” Does this solve the problem?

Lin Chujiu was speechless, so she simply stayed silent.

Xiao Tianyao also didn’t say anything about this matter. He was not seeking Lin Chujiu’s opinion, he was telling her his decision. When they return to the capital, the two of them will eat and live together.

Xiao Tianyao did not say another word, he simply ate Lin Chujiu’s leftover meals as quickly as possible.

But of course, although Xiao Wangye ate fast, he still maintained the elegance and demeanor of what a noble prince should have. As if he was not in a military camp but a magnificent palace.

Lin Chujiu, who was still in Xiao Tianyao’s arms, watched Xiao Tianyao eat with admiration. Her eyes were filled with envy.

The advantage was an advantage. Even when eating, this person still looked good, which was simply enviable and hateful!

After Xiao Tianyao had finished eating, he didn’t do anything else. After throwing the bowls on the table, he returned to the inner room with Lin Chujiu in his arms.

As a person without any freedom to move, Lin Chujiu didn’t make any remarks about tidying up the dining table. She honestly nestled in Xiao Tianyao’s arms and let him work hard as a porter… …

Back in the inner room, Xiao Tianyao put Lin Chujiu on the bed again and turned on the light in the room.

However, because the kerosene lamp was small, the light was dim. Lin Chujiu felt ambiguous and in danger while lying in the bed.

To prevent herself from being eaten by others, Lin Chujiu squeezed herself in the quilt like a “silkworm cocoon” and knelt on the bed, before saying: “Wangye, it’s time for you to change the dressing for your injury. Let me change the dressing for you.”

There were still two or three hours before dawn, who knows how long it will take to change the medicine.

“Mmm.” When Xiao Tianyao heard this, he cooperatively took off his shirt, revealing the bandage on his chest.

This time, there was no problem. The bandage was clean and there was no blood.

Lin Chujiu climbed out of the bed, put on her coat, and came back with the medicine box. She saw Xiao Tianyao on the side of the bed, half lying in the middle and only an arm’s distance from the side of the bed. How will she change his dressing?

Lin Chujiu was full of black lines, but pretended to be ignorant: “Wangye, can you sit up for a while? Or lie down a bit, I can’t do it if you lie like this.”

“No.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t move, holding a book in his hand, bowed his head, and read the book seriously…

“Wangye…” Lin Chujiu acted like a baby: “I can’t give you medicine if you are like this.”

“You can climb up.” Xiao Tianyao said without raising his eyes. His eyes were stuck to the book in his hand. People who didn’t know the truth would think that it was very interesting, but… …

Even after such a long time, God knows Xiao Tianyao didn’t even turn a page on it all night!


Princess Medical Doctor

Status: Completed

She is the Crown Prince’s fiancee, but on the night of their wedding, an edict was made and she was given off to marry the crippled and paralyzed God of War.

On their wedding night, the paralyzed groom pressed her under his body: “Do you want this prince to kill you or poison you?” Lin Chujiu is a famous surgeon so she wouldn’t feel threatened that easily. She turned and pressed the crippled man under her body: “Say, do you want me to completely waste your legs or waste your third leg?”

She is a genius surgeon doctor in Modern Era that was transmigrated into the body of the Eldest Miss of Lin Family.

He is a famous prince that named as the God of War and was feared by many.

“I, Lin Chujiu, am not a good woman. I do not know how to write melodramatic words.”

“I am in love with you and willing to do anything for you. I will bear the blame of our country or even help you seize the vast territory of our motherland…”

“I hate you, I am willing to pull out your heart, take out your bones and after you lose your life I will destroy this picturesque country…”


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