Power And Wealth Chapter 436

Chapter 436 – Scolding Mayor Li’s secretary!

Da Feng County’s town.

It’s a bright and sunny afternoon.

This is the first time Dong Xuebing has come to Da Feng county. He drove along the streets of the County’s town and noticed there is lesser greenery compared to Yan Tai County. This place is more modernized with taller buildings, and the roads are wider. It’s quite obvious that the County town is more developed compared to Yan Tai County. Because of the investment fair, he also spotted lots of traffic police officers patrolling the area.

This investment fair is quite grand!

Dong Xuebing is hungry as he had not taken his lunch, and he parked in front of a restaurant. As lunchtime is over, not many people are in the restaurant.

A waitress walks over with the menu.

After ordering, Dong Xuebing asked. “I heard your county is holding an investment fair soon, right?”

The waitress nodded. “The opening ceremony is tomorrow, and the fair will last two to three days. Many businessmen had arrived. Oh, are you here to invest too?”

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Yes. Do you know which hotel the businessmen are staying in?”

The waitress thought for a while. “I did not notice it, but the County Government always house their guests at Ruihe Hotel during such events.” She pointed towards the west. “It’s just over there, and you can reach within ten minutes if you are driving.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

“You are welcome. I will bring your dishes over.”

Dong Xuebing settled the bill after eating and drove over to the hotel.

Dong Xuebing does not know what his County’s leaders will say if they know he is coming to Da Feng County’s investment fair to snatch their investors, and he switched off his phone. Since Li Feng can snatch their investment, and the City Government is supportive of such ‘healthy’ competition, I will compete with you all! Who cares about your investment fair?! Go to hell! I will make sure you all return whatever you own to our County! Do you think you can rob us, and nothing will happen to you all?!

Ruihe Hotel is very grand and has around ten floors.

Dong Xuebing saw many luxury cars, like Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Cadillac, etc., in the parking lots and knew he is at the right place. After parking his car, he entered the lobby to book a room at the front desk.

“Do you have any reservations?”


The investors are staying above level six as the suites and bigger rooms are reserved by Da Feng County. Only the investors who had registered with Da Feng County’s Investment Promotion Agency can stay there for free. Other guests are not allowed to enter and can only stay below level six. In the end, Dong Xuebing got a standard room on level five. After taking a hot shower in his room, Dong Xuebing returned to the hotel lobby on the ground floor. He sat in the corner of the smoking area to observe the people going in and out.

Some of these people are Da Feng County Investment Promotion Agency’s staff as they accompany businessmen in and out of the hotel. Some even helped the businessmen to get the keys from the front desk.

These people are all bigshots.

Dong Xuebing even saw a few investors who had appeared on their Provincial TV programs.

Some of the guests are the bosses of a big corporation in the City, and there are even a group of Americans.

How did Da Feng County get so many potential investors? Dong Xuebing knows some of them might be ‘actors’ and had come over to show their support to Da Feng County. Even though he knows not all of these people are real investors, but he is still jealous. You all have so many investors. Is there a need to snatch a small project worth 10 million RMB from us? And it’s even the Mayor who snatched it! You all are doing this on purpose from the start!

Suddenly, a group of men entered the hotel.

Dong Xuebing recognized one of them on the left. Because of Li Feng, he had read up on Da Feng County Government. This man is called Wang Bo, and he is Li Feng’s secretary. Who are these people for the Mayor’s secretary to receive them personally? He looks at the rest of the group carefully.

Eh? Koreans?

How come one of them looks so familiar?

That Korean man, which Dong Xuebing finds familiar, is in his forties. His footsteps are stable, and he looks like a trained martial arts artist. His status in the group should be the highest as Wang Bo did not leave his side. The rest of the group are also chatting around him. Dong Xuebing suddenly remembered who this Korean is. Park Yongxi. He is a Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster in Korea and is ranked fifth in the world.

Dong Xuebing did not follow Tae Kwon Do news previously, but after his trip to Korea, he started to take note of it on the news and recognize Park Yongxi.

This guy is a grandmaster.

Although Dong Xuebing had won against many Tae Kwon Do black belts, but he knows the skills of all black belts are different. There might also be a big difference between two seventh Dan black belts, and their Dans is not a good gauge of their skills. For example, those Olympic Tae Kwon Do athletes hold only three or four Dans, but they can easily win against those six or seven Dan black belts in Korea. The Dans in Taekwondo have nothing to do with their strength. It is about their age and experiences. But this Park Yongxi is a real Grandmaster with actual strength, and those black belts which Dong Xuebing fought against are nothing compared to him.

Dong Xuebing narrowed his eyes and looked at Park Yongxi.

Park Yongxi felt someone looking at him and turned.

Both men’s eyes met for about one second, and look away. Dong Xuebing continued to smoke his cigarette slowly, and Park Yongxi went upstairs with Wang Bo.

Why is a Tae Kwon Do Grandmaster here?

Dong Xuebing wondered, but after he was arrested in Korea, and released with Xie Huilan’s help, news of him working in Yan Tai County should be exposed. If Park Yongxi is here to seek revenge, why did he come to Da Feng County to attend this investment fair?

Oh, Dong Xuebing heard Park Yongxi’s mother is Chinese and had been doing business in China before passing away.

Dong Xuebing remembered Park Yongxi had spoken mandarin fluently during one TV interview. He might be coming here to invest. But why did you pick a place like Da Feng County?! Stupid!

Park Yongxi and the group of Koreans should be coming here to sign the investment contract, as Dong Xuebing can tell from Da Feng County’s staff attitude towards them. That group of Americans should be receiving the same treatment as they are also foreigners. But Da Feng County did not treat them the same, and they are most likely to be ‘actors’ and will not make any investments. If the Koreans had not confirmed their investments, Wang Bo would not be accompanying them. Park Yongxi’s mother is very wealthy when she was alive, and this investment should be large.

Just when Dong Xuebing was about to go upstairs to think of a plan, he heard a commotion behind him.

“Mayor Li.”


Dong Xuebing stopped and turned. Li Feng had just stepped into the lobby with a few government staff. Some investors quickly walk over to greet and chat with him. Li Feng and other Government Leaders returned their greetings politely. This is different from how he acted when he was in Yan Tai County.

You belittled your comrades and smiles at these other provinces’ investors and foreigners like they are your father.

The elevator’s door opened, and the Mayor’s secretary, Wang Bo, walks out. Li Feng waved to him and was about to say something to him when he noticed Dong Xuebing in the rest area. His face immediately changed, and he called Wang Bo over and whispered something to him. Wang Bo’s face also changed as he walks over to Dong Xuebing.

“You are Dong Xuebing?!” Wang Bo asked rudely. He is the Mayor’s secretary and held a high status. Dong Xuebing is only a department head from another County, and he does not need to be polite to him.

Dong Xuebing glanced at Wang Bo. “Who are you? Do I know you?”

“What are you doing here?” Wang Bo knew about yesterday’s incident. “When did Yan Tai County Investment Promotion Agency move to our Da Feng County?”

Damn! You all still have the cheek to ask me this?!

Dong Xuebing is mad. “I should be the one asking you all first! Why did your Investment Promotion Agency go over to Yan Tai County? Eh? Don’t show me that face! Who do you think you are?”

Wang Bo shouted angrily. “Who are you to speak to me this way?!”

“This is the way I speak! If you don’t like the way I speak, you can get lost!”

The government staff and investors overheard them and were shocked. Do they wonder who this guy that dares to scold the Mayor’s secretary is?

Scolding a government leader is taboo, but a messenger… Dong Xuebing will not hold back.

Wang Bo can’t be bothered to argue with Dong Xuebing. “This is our Da Feng County’s investment fair, and this is not Yan Tai County! I want you to leave immediately!”

Dong Xuebing laughed. “Leave? Who do you think you are? I am on vacation these few days! What’s wrong with me staying here for a few days? Is this against the law? A group of Americans had just entered, and you had sent a group of Koreans upstairs! Even foreigners can stay here, why can’t I stay? Are you all racists?!”


Power And Wealth

Status: Completed

An accident let him have a special ability to turn back time up to 1 minute. When he said the wrong things in front of his leader, he was able to return back to 1 minute before to correct what he said. During jade stone gambling and there was no jade inside, he turns back time to pick another stone. When the woman he likes met an accident, he can return back to 1 minute before to save her…… A small fry’s rise through the ranks of the government service starts……


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