Picking Up Attributes From Today Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Lord of The Universe, Primordial World Genesis

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That’s right!

Not only did Meng Lei pick up any other laws of nature, but it was also the giant black beast’s order laws of nature.

Meng Lei was in high spirits as he was about to plunder it before the order laws of nature fragment dropped out. It seemed that even the heavens would help him when he was that handsome.

After quite a while, Meng Lei reopened his eyes and looked at the giant black beast with sympathy.

How pitiful. I wonder how you’ll feel if you know that your order laws of nature got picked up by me?

“Right! Without further ado. System, buy credit for the order laws of nature.”


Torrents of data about the order laws of nature surged into Meng Lei’s sea of consciousness while reinforcing his comprehension of the order laws of nature.

The vast universe was a massive system, one that ran in an orderly manner.

The birth of life...

The reproduction of various species...

Everything had their order with a fixed pattern.

What was the binding force behind such an order?

It was the Universal Order, in other words, the order laws of nature.

The universe worked under the Universal Order. Everything had to follow the laws and arrangements of the Universal Order as it controlled everything in the universe.

An unknown amount of time passed...

When Meng Lei finally reopened his eyes, the Dark Lord and the gray skeleton were attacking him incessantly.

The Dark Lord was using the order laws of nature to place a series of restrictions on Meng Lei. The gray skeleton’s attacks were simple—it activated its destiny laws of nature and repeatedly slashed onto Meng Lei’s line of destiny. Tragically, Meng Lei’s destiny line was too thick and strong. After a long while, the gray skeleton could only slice off the outermost layer of the destiny line like a fruit knife’s impact on tree bark.

“You bast*rd!” The gray skeleton was getting furious. “How could this fellow’s destiny line be so thick? Is this even a line of destiny? It should be called a destiny wall!”

“What exactly are you doing, old skeleton?” The Dark Lord urged, “Kill him right now! There are no better chances like this once he awakes!”

“Can’t you tell I’m trying to?” the gray skeleton bellowed instantly. “This bast*rd’s destiny line is too thick to cut through! Even after my best effort, I’ve only broken through the outermost layer. It’s impossible to cut it off completely without eight to ten years to spare!”

“Eight to ten years?” The Dark Lord was on the verge of breaking down. “Fool! We don’t have that much time! Find a way and kill him at once!”

“I... What can I do!?”

The gray skeleton was in desperation.

Indeed, desperation. As someone who had survived three eras and experienced enough to have a frame of mind as enduring as a rock, it had never been in such a desperate state before.

Yes, never.

The gray skeleton could not figure out how someone’s line of destiny could have such thickness.

What was the extent of Meng Lei’s power with such a thick destiny line?

Just how?! It makes no sense!


I can’t give up! He must die! No matter what! If he doesn’t, I don’t have any more chances!

It is my final chance!

As an ancient fossil that had survived three eras, the gray skeleton’s frame of mind was transcendental, so it readjusted its mindset and continued to attack Meng Lei’s line of destiny. However, it was right then when the gray skeleton realized something.

Meng Lei’s destiny line was expanding at a noticeable speed to the naked eye. Within a few short breaths, it had grown double its original size and continued expanding. As for the bit of outer layer he had broken, it had already been restored...


The gray skeleton was dumbstruck. “How is it still expanding when it’s so thick already? Does this mean that he has gotten even more powerful?”

“You... You’ve got to be kidding!”

The gray skeleton started to shiver as desperation seeped into its mind once again.

This time, it was in true despair, as it lost any hope possible.

The Dark Lord yelled, “What are you doing now, old skeleton?”

“Attack! Now! I can sense that he’s awakening soon. We don’t have much time—”

Before he could finish his sentence, an aged sigh echoed. “So this is the order laws of nature? It’s fascinating indeed!”

A jolt went through the Dark Lord and the gray skeleton as they looked up to see Meng Lei opening his eyes with a calm and peaceful expression.

“He’s awake!” bellowed the Dark Lord. “Old skeleton, stop holding back already!”

Me holding back!?

How am I holding back? I already did everything I could a long time ago, okay?

“Thank you, Dark Lord.”

Meng Lei opened his mouth.

He’s thanking me?

The Dark Lord was startled. “For?”

“Helping me comprehend the order laws of nature, of course.” Meng Lei smiled. “Why shouldn’t I thank you?”

“Y-you’ve comprehended the order laws of nature?” The Dark Lord paused before he sneered. “Stop speaking nonsense! The order laws of nature are the genesis laws of nature, which you’ll never comprehend!”

“Oh really?” Meng Lei shook his head and laughed. “The universe renews itself and alternates in the cycle. The Dark Abyss shouldn’t exist in this brand new era!”


As his words rang, a wave of the jurisdiction of the order laws of nature more powerful than what the Dark Lord had activated previously descended from the skies. Before long, it had spread everywhere to cover every corner of the Dark Abyss.

Immediately after, in the horror of the Dark Lord and the gray skeleton, a strong, torrential surge of the universe’s laws of nature gushed into every area of the Dark Abyss. It then built up a complete universe’s laws of nature chain web in the Dark Abyss, where the laws of nature were supposed to be weak.

The ten basic laws of nature and the five supreme laws of nature appeared and filled up every corner of the Dark Abyss.

After the appearance of the universe’s laws of nature, the powers of the five supreme laws of nature appeared as well. They quickly underwent conversion to become the ten major Power of Origin before converting into the purest ten magic elements.

In only a few short breaths, the Dark Abyss not only had the universe’s laws of nature, but it also possessed the powers of the five supreme laws of nature, ten major Power of Origin, and every magic element.

The drastic changes came to an end by this point. At the same time, the cosmic fissure, which was the Dark Abyss, began to disappear slowly.

It had dissolved into the Void.

Accurately speaking, it restored to the original appearance of the Void.

The gray skeleton and the Dark Lord stood in the Void as they sensed the universe’s laws of nature and the Power of Origin all around them. A chill went down their spines as they were stunned.

The Dark Abyss was gone!

The weakest location of the Universal Order had ceased to exist. The place where they could unleash their full potential was gone as well.

What means did they still have against Meng Lei?

“It’s over! All over!” the gray skeleton muttered to itself as its body staggered. Its aura had weakened significantly to the level of a Juggernaut due to the Universal Order’s suppression.

“Why is this happening?”

The Dark Lord could not accept the bare facts laid before him. He glared at Meng Lei. “You really did comprehend the order laws of nature!”

“That’s why I thanked you.” Meng Lei smiled with a calm expression. “Without you, I wouldn’t have comprehended it.”

“This deserves death! Death!”

The Dark Lord lets out another furious roar. The order laws of nature was his very core. It was his exclusive domain, and he would not allow anyone else to comprehend it.

“Die! Die!”

The Dark Lord attacked brazenly.

“Pointless struggles.”

Meng Lei shook his head slightly as he threw a Space Confinement at the Dark Lord. The current Dark Lord was not that powerful Supreme God anymore. He was now suppressed to a level of a Juggernaut, who could do nothing to escape the confinement.

“Let go of me! I’m going to kill you!” the Dark Lord bellowed repeatedly.

“What insolence!”

Meng Lei’s eyes gleamed coldly as a slap struck the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord seemed thunderstruck as his head became bashed and battered.

“Any more nonsense from you, and I’ll slaughter you!” Meng Lei said coldly as he turned his attention to the gray skeleton. “Is there anything you have to say?”

“The victor is king, while the loser is the knave after all.” The gray skeleton seemed abnormally calm, while its grayish will-o’-the-wisp went quiet as well. “There’s no injustice losing to you!”

“You’re gotten over it rather quickly, it seems.”

Meng Lei could not help to give it more respect.

“What’s so unacceptable about it?” The gray skeleton gave a faint smile. “I lived for three eras, and that’s long enough. My only desire was to assimilate the universe’s original energy to become the Lord of The Universe. It’s just a pity that this hope has just gone up in smoke. What lingering desires would I have?”

“Indeed!” Meng Lei nodded slightly. “But, don’t you feel that it’s a pity to just die like this?”

“Why? You’ll let me off?” The gray skeleton crackled. “You should just kill me. If I’m still alive, I’ll keep on scheming to assimilate the universe’s origin energy—”

“Nope. Not a chance.” Meng Lei gazed at the deepest part of the Void. “Didn’t you rack your brains to assimilate the universe’s origin energy? Come on. I’ll bring you there to take a look.”

“What did you just say?”

The gray skeleton was dazed.

Meng Lei did not explain further while releasing his divine cognition to cover the gray skeleton and the Dark Lord before disappearing on the spot.

When they reappeared, they arrived in an unfamiliar place. It was unfamiliar because it was different from existential planes and the Void. It was a world of nothingness except for a tiny black dot hovering there.

This black dot was extremely tiny. While no one knew its exact size, all three of them could sense its presence. At that moment, the gray skeleton and the Dark Lord got inexplicably excited.

Even Moro flew out.

“Sensed that?”

Meng Lei smiled as he looked at them.

“The universe’s origin energy! It is the universe’s origin energy!”

The gray skeleton stared at the black dot as it became incoherent with excitement.

“Indeed, this is the universe’s origin energy.” Meng Lei confirmed the gray skeleton’s speculation.

“So this is the universe’s origin energy? And it’s so small?” Moro was quite puzzled.

“You can say that the universe’s origin energy is small. It is smaller than the singularity at the center of the black hole, and no matter can enter through it.”

Then, Meng Lei changed the course of the conversation and said, “But, this is just the superficial aspect. The universe’s origin energy is enormous in a sense since it’s assimilated with the universe. It’s the very core of the universe, after all. Hence, there is no suitable unit of measurement to describe its literal size.”

Meng Lei glanced at the gray skeleton and the Dark Lord. “Let’s go in to take a look.”

“Can you enter the universe’s origin energy?”

The gray skeleton looked at Meng Lei in disbelief.

“Of course I can.”

Meng Lei raised both his hands slowly. A destiny laws of nature chain appeared on his left palm, while an order laws of nature chain appeared on his right palm.

With a light push, the two genesis laws of nature extended swiftly toward the black dot that represented the universe’s origin energy.

The black spot instantly lit up, and a terrifying gravitational force emerged.

“Don’t resist.” Meng Lei instructed as he allowed the pulling force to devour him into the black spot. The world spun before they arrived at a colorful world.

This world was filled with blurry colors that were like rainbows intertwining and suffusing everywhere. However, upon closer observation, the colorful beams consist only of three colors—red for order laws of nature, green for the destiny laws of nature, blue for the space-time laws of nature.

Three types of genesis laws of nature intertwined to form the laws governing the universe—the evolution of the universe, the structure of space-time, the birth of life, and the death of life.

Of course, other than the three genesis laws of nature, the power of genesis was everywhere as well.

The three powers of genesis and the three genesis laws of nature formed the universe’s origin energy.

The power of genesis and the genesis laws of nature combined to form the universe’s origin energy.

“It is the universe’s origin energy!”

The gray skeleton gulped as it trembled with rattling bones. After three eras, this was its closest time to the universe’s origin energy.

It was impossible for it to ignore this opportunity. It really wanted to charge and snatch the universe’s origin energy to become the Lord of The Universe.

It didn’t dare to, however.

It knew that it could never touch the universe’s origin energy with Meng Lei beside him. Moreover, its level was under the most suppression here in the world of the universe’s origin energy. Its level was suppressed to the Chief God level, so how was it supposed to rob it away?

The gray skeleton restrained itself.

It was a different story for the Dark Lord. Not everyone could stay rational with the universe’s origin energy at sight.

The Dark Lord’s eyes were blood-red while he flapped his wings to charge toward the core area of the universe’s origin energy. It was the spot where the three genesis laws of nature and the three powers of genesis intertwined the most to form a crystal—that was the Heart of The Universe!


“Once I refined the Heart of The Universe, the universe’s origin energy will be mine, and I shall become the Lord of The Universe!”

“Darkness!” Moro was terribly aghast. “Come back!”

“This fellow...”

The gray skeleton’s expression turned slightly.


Meng Lei sneered as he watched quietly without any intentions to stop the Dark Lord.

The Dark Lord was quick enough to appear before the Heart of The Universe. He could no longer hold on to his joy and excitement as he attempted to leave his divine spirit mark on the Heart of The Universe with his divine cognition.

It was a great dream, but in reality, once his divine cognition came into contact with the Heart of The Universe, a three-colored light beam burst off and struck the Dark Lord. In the next moment, the Dark Lord was vaporized, leaving no trace of him behind.

“Darkness!” Moro yelled.

A jolt went through the gray skeleton as well.

“He’s just been killed by the heart of the universe.” Meng Lei shook his head. “He got himself killed by the three powers of genesis. His destiny is gone, every reincarnation of him in all of space and time got wiped out, and the power of order blacklisted him. He’ll never revive ever again.”

The gray skeleton quivered in horror. Fortunately, it had resisted the urge. Otherwise, the Dark Lord would not have been alone.


Moro was dazed and despondent.

“Don’t get too upset over it, Moro.” Meng Lei consoled him. “Greed is what cost his life.”

“I understand.”

Moro sighed.

“Meng Lei, do you have a way to refine the universe’s origin energy?” The gray skeleton looked at Meng Lei eagerly.

“Me? Of course, I do!” Meng Lei smiled faintly. “Can’t you sense that the heart of the universe is calling for me?”

“Calling you?”

The gray skeleton was slightly taken aback. Meng Lei took a step forward and flew toward the Heart of The Universe. Moro hastily reminded, “Meng Lei! be careful!”

“I’ll be fine.”

Meng Lei approached the Heart of The Universe and released his divine spiritual power.

It was the same approach as the Dark Lord, and it almost made Moro’s heart pop. The gray skeleton stared at Meng Lei as it wanted to know whether Meng Lei would suffer the same fate as the Dark Lord.

Or would it turn out like how Meng Lei had said to successfully mark the Heart of The Universe with his divine spirit?

As the two watched nervously, Meng Lei’s divine spiritual power came into contact with the Heart of The Universe.

Boom! The same thing happened.

The three-colored light beam burst off the Heart of The Universe onto Meng Lei’s body.

The ending was completely different as Meng Lei did not dissipate instantly like the Dark Lord.

The three-colored light beams gathered toward Meng Lei’s body like birds returning to their nest. At the same time, the universe’s origin energy started to surge into Meng Lei’s body as if it had found a vent for it.


Meng Lei roared into the sky as he could feel that the universe’s origin energy had split into two. The genesis laws of nature charged toward his sea of consciousness to enter his divine spirit. The power of genesis spread into his limbs to bind together as one.

“This... refinement?”

Moro was stunned.

“It’s the refining process!” The gray skeleton was astounded. “I could never have imagined that after all these years of hardships and planning to assimilate the universe’s origin energy, he would refine it right before me!”

“After refining the universe’s origin energy, Meng Lei will become the Lord of The Universe and the legendary Primordial World Genesis God?” muttered Moro. “My god! To think that I can witness the birth of a Primordial World Genesis God, it’s simply...”

The entire process was smooth and natural without taking up much time. For some time, all the power of genesis and the laws of nature surged into Meng Lei’s body and mind.

Even the Heart of The Universe rose gently to be engraved on Meng Lei’s forehead to become a three-colored rune.


Meng Lei let out a long breath. At that moment, he could feel that the entire universe had become part of his body—every material plane, every mid-end existential plane, every Divine Realm, from as small as an ant to as large as the supreme Celestial Realm.

He could travel all across the universe with a thought.

He could travel back to the past and into the future with a thought.

“This feeling... It’s simply fascinating!”

Meng Lei was in absolute awe. When the universe became his body, looking at the universe now felt like an ordinary person observing a piece of leaf on a sandy beach.


In the next moment, Meng Lei felt an incredible power getting injected into his body.

Meng Lei knew that the universe was enhancing and modifying his divine body and divine spirit after he had refined the universe’s origin energy to become the Lord of The Universe.

The Lord of The Universe must become a Primordial World Genesis God!

Hence, the universe helped in his evolution!

His divine body underwent insane improvements, his divine spirit was enhanced consistently, while his level of life started to evolve!

As time went by, Meng Lei’s evolution finally stopped, and he exercised his limbs. Boundless power swept across his entire body as his strength became way stronger than before.

“Am I a Primordial World Genesis God?”

Meng Lei asked softly as he checked his stats interface instinctively.

Host: Meng Lei

Race: Primordial World Genesis God

Wealth: A Primitive Universe

Physical Body Constitution: Primordial World Genesis Body

Spirit: Primordial World Genesis God

Laws of Nature: Destiny, Order, Space-Time

“So I am a Primordial World Genesis God!” Meng Lei murmured, “Even the space-time laws of nature that I lacked have just been comprehended! No wonder the gray skeleton did everything it could to assimilate the universe’s origin energy. The benefits are too great!”

“M-Meng Lei, you did it?” Moro asked carefully upon seeing no movements from Meng Lei for half the day.

Meng Lei reopened his eyes and nodded. “Yeap, I did it.”

A tremendous jolt went through Moro as he asked agitatedly, “You’ve really become the Lord of The Universe?”

The gray skeleton stared at Meng Lei as well.


Meng Lei did not answer. Instead, he changed the Universal Order casually.


The intensity in the aura of the gray skeleton and Moro skyrocketed until they stopped at the level of Supreme Gods.

“R-restored?” The gray skeleton was shocked. “I’ve returned to my peak level?”

“I’ve... I’ve recovered too?”

Moro was stunned as well.

“Did you change the Universal Order?”

The gray skeleton looked toward Meng Lei with an agitated look.


Meng Lei nodded slightly. “I’ve adjusted the Universal Order. From now onward, you can cultivate like any other normal lifeform without any worries of the suppression by the Universal Order.”


The gray skeleton was overflowing with gratitude, which turned into just two words. “Thank you!”

“Work hard in your cultivation then.” Meng Lei smiled faintly. “From now on, the Great Reincarnation And Destruction Process will never happen again, meaning no more transitions into new eras. You’ll have enough time to cultivate yourselves.”


The gray skeleton nodded heavily.

“Thank you, Meng Lei!” Moro said emotionally.

“Moro!” Meng Lei smiled. “You need to work hard to cultivate and try to become a Primordial Genesis God one day as well. You know, it’s crowded outside this universe!”

“You can see beyond the universe?”

Moro’s eyes lit up.

“I can’t see them, but I can sense them,” Meng Lei gazed at the sky. “I can sense a larger, more prosperous world beyond our universe. Plus, somewhere much further away from here exist three beings as powerful as me right now!”

“T-three Primordial World Genesis Gods!?”




Picking Up Attributes From Today

Status: Completed

In Heaven’s Vault Continent, Colossal Dragons, Titans, Beast People, Fairies, Magical Beasts, and other races reign supreme!

Humans are treated like s*aves and lowlifes, while Dragon People act all high and mighty and consider themselves nobility!

However, a new addition will rock the boat and overturn the status quo!

His name is Meng Lei, and he is a human from Earth that transmigrated to become a… villager!

Or so he thought, as he had yet to unlock The Most Powerful Pickup System!

“Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?”

Be it money, items, spells, vitality, spiritual power… The Most Powerful Pickup System will pick them all!

“Should I train to become a Magician or a Warrior? Why not try both!?

Follow Meng Lei’s epic as he turns from a regular villager to a formidable and respectable existence!


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