Picking Up Attributes From Today Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Black Hole, True Wealth

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Time went by before Meng Lei finally awakened. There was a mysterious fluctuating aura in his eyes, abstruse and unpredictable.

“You’re awake, Master?”

The Life Dominus and Death Dominus looked at Meng Lei at the same time. However, once their eyes met, a jolt ran through them as if they became obsessed. Their consciousness went blank and drifted away for quite a while until they eventually regained their senses.

“What happened?”

The two Juggernauts exchanged a look and saw the alarm in each other’s eyes.

Meng Lei let out a long pent-up breath while he could hardly stay calm. He would never have understood the profound meaning within the destiny laws of nature if he did not spend his wealth.

Complete mastery of the destiny laws of nature was another level compared to comprehension of the tip of the iceberg.

Previously, he could enter the Void of Destiny to see the destiny lines of lifeforms and cut them, meaning he could cut off their destiny and kill them instantly.

This time, Meng Lei could do much more than that.

He could change the direction of every destiny line and change the destiny of life itself!

He could see destiny lines from every existential plane, including the Celestial Realm and the Netherworld, to control their destiny.

He could see that the lines of destiny were not independent of each other as they originated from the same place. In fact, every line of destiny originated from there as well.

Meng Lei could not tell where it was, but he believed that it should be the place that contained the universe’s origin energy, which the Destruction Dominus was longing for.

“Destiny laws of nature are simply magical!

Now, changing someone’s destiny feels like a mere thought away.

Alright, time to try it out.

Meng Lei found Puhaman’s line of destiny and began to view Puhaman’s destiny.

One’s destiny had countless possibilities. The slightest tweak would cause an immense ripple effect on that destiny.

Puhaman’s destiny was the same, with many different possible futures. Meng Lei found the best future among them—Puhaman successfully assimilated the Chief God divine core to become a Chief God of the Earth Divine Realm, living a lofty and carefree life until the end of the era.

This destiny was the best of the lot, but Meng Lei was not satisfied with it. “Only a Chief God all your life? What a good-for-nothing.”

Hence, Meng Lei broke off other unrelated destiny lines until one remained.

The result was that Puhaman would eventually comprehend the destruction laws of nature and the death laws of nature to become a Supreme God.

He had basically locked Puhaman’s destiny as it was no longer full of other possibilities.

Puhaman would follow this path Meng Lei left for him to comprehend the destruction laws of nature and the death laws of nature...

Until he would become a Supreme God!

After that, Meng Lei started to change the destinies of others and wiped off those needless destiny lines.

After a series of adjustments, all of his subordinates could comprehend at least two supreme laws of nature to become a Juggernaut at the very least.

“Now, this is how to use the destiny laws of nature.”

Meng Lei let out a long breath. It was an unimaginable feat to change the fate of others, after all.

Immediately after, Meng Lei looked at the two Juggernauts. “Let’s go to the Netherworld.”

“Yes, Master!”

Meng Lei located the destiny line of the Supreme God of The Underworld to lock onto his position before he teleported with the two Juggernauts.


The Supreme God of The Underworld bowed upon the sight of his master. Meanwhile, 23 Demon Grandmasters were busy with the excavation in the mines.

There were a total of 46 Demon Grandmasters in the Netherworld. To mine every Magic Crystals here, he had assembled all 23 Demon Grandmasters under his charge to help.

Despite that, two months had passed, and they had not completed the mining, a stark contrast to Meng Lei’s mining speed.

“Not finished yet?”

Meng Lei broke into a slight frown.

“Not yet, Master!”

The Supreme God of The Underworld shook his head.

“Bring me what you have extracted so far.”

Hadis presented the spatial ring hurriedly.

After collecting the crystals in the ring, Meng Lei obtained another 60,000 supreme Divinity Crystals, which added up to a total of over 100,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals.

“Tsk, tsk! 100,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals!”

Meng Lei remarked before giving out some instructions to Hadis and left afterward.

“Who’s that, Lord Hadis?”

A group of Demon Grandmasters surrounded him as shock and puzzlement filled their eyes.

How could Lord Hadis refer to him as ‘Master’?

Master of Lord Hadis?

What kind of joke was that?

“Don’t ask questions that you shouldn’t be asking!”

The Supreme God of The Underworld gave a cold stare at his Demon Grandmasters. A chill went up to their spines as they went back to work in the mines.

Meng Lei found the Grim Reaper King and obtained around 50,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals from him. It added up to his wealth to a whooping 150,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals.

“It’s 150,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals already!”

Meng Lei read his stats interface. “I can buy credit for another Genesis laws of nature, but it’s just a pity that there isn’t any for me to do it now. How frustrating. Never mind, time to enhance my divine spirit first.”

“Ding! The host’s divine spirit is currently comparable to a Supreme Juggernaut’s and will rival that of a Supreme God of The Universe after enhancement. Enhancement cost is estimated at 5,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals.” The system asked coldly, “Will you enhance it?

“Yes, enhance it!”


A cool energy wave surged into his sea of consciousness as if a celestial river was pouring down into his divine spirit flame.

For a while, the divine spirit flame that was suspended in the boundless sea of consciousness exploded into a ferocious flame that kept on growing.

2 times, 10 times, 100 times...

200 times, 600 times, 1,000 times...

,000 times, 7,000 times, 10,000 times...

The divine spirit flame grew by 10,000 times until the end of the enhancement process.

After that, it did not expand further as it collapsed suddenly and shrunk madly toward its center.

% to 1%...

.1% to 0.01%...

The divine spirit flame continued to shrink, but at the same time, it was like a supernova explosion that released ravaging energy waves on a colossal scale.


The raging energy waves ravaged their surroundings as a super hurricane was formed. It was fortunate that there was no form of life in the sea of consciousness as it would have completely wiped out everything in its path, and nothing could survive the terrifying hurricane.

.001% to 0.0001%...

.00001% to 0.000001%...

The divine spirit flame kept shrinking as if there was no end to it. In a matter of seconds, it had shrunk from the size of one million kilometers to the size of a taxi, then to the size of a basketball.

Size of a pomelo...

Size of an orange...

Size of a walnut...

Finally, the divine spirit flame became a little black spot that was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Just when Meng Lei thought that his divine spirit was going to disappear, a black hole appeared in his sea of consciousness.

Immediately after, the black hole expanded at the speed of light, from a hundred meters to ten million kilometers, to...

With that, a boundless black hole spanning across the sea of consciousness created a terrifying gravitational pull that could devour anything just like the black hole from reality.

“My divine spirit fire just became a black hole?”

Meng Lei stood in the boundless sea of consciousness as he gazed at that black hole with a dazed look.

A divine spirit can turn into a black hole? What kind of plot is this?

Although he was baffled, Meng Lei felt nothing of discomfort. The only difference was that his divine spirit had become immensely compressed with power, while his mind worked faster than a supercomputer with innumerable thoughts flashing across his mind.

“My divine spirit... It’s powerful!”

Meng Lei left the sea of consciousness and released his divine cognition that covered the entire Netherworld in just a few short breaths.

Meng Lei saw demons killing each other and the vast Skeleton Sea...

His divine cognition continued expanding until it reached the Void beyond the Netherworld. He saw countless meteors and floating continents; he saw dozens of material planes near the Netherworld; he saw...

At that moment, Meng Lei was still pretty relaxed, meaning he was more than capable of expanding his divine cognition further out. He chose not to as he retrieved his divine cognition.

“So this is how a Supreme God of The Universe’s divine spirit feels like? That’s unbelievable!” A sharp glint flashed across Meng Lei’s eyes as he could not hide his joy.

Moreover, he found another benefit of strengthening his divine spirit—it made it easier for him to control the destiny laws of nature.

If Meng Lei was like a three-year-old playing with a hammer previously, he was now an adult using a wedge properly.

Simple and relaxed.

Easy and smooth.

“This feels awesome!”

Meng Lei took a long breath and looked at those around him. Only then did he realize that the Life Dominus, Death Dominus, and the Grim Reaper King were all on the ground, trembling like timid mice.

“What’s going on?”

Meng Lei was puzzled.

“M-master, your divine spirit force is too p-powerful!” The Life Dominus quivered as she said, “W-we c-can’t breathe!”


Meng Lei came to a realization. “Please excuse me, I accidentally broke through to the next level just now, and I didn’t suppress my aura.”


The Life Dominus and Death Dominus rolled their eyes as they had a strong urge to curse. On the other hand, the Grim Reaper King was in shock and was glad that he had not fought Meng Lei previously. He would have died a horrible death if he had done so.

The aura alone was powerful enough. What would then be the extent of Meng Lei’s true capability?

Meng Lei had no time to care about their thoughts as he gazed at the vast Netherworld, revealing a smile suddenly.

“Since my divine cognition can cover the entire Netherworld, why not conduct some good old plundering?”

Thus, Meng Lei released his divine cognition once again.


In an instant, Meng Lei’s divine cognition shrouded the entire Netherworld and activated his Transfer ability.

Immediately after, the Life Dominus and the rest saw something amazing—golden rain started falling from the sky!

Gold was everywhere. There were stacks of gold coins, chunks of gold nuggets, various gold products...

“What’s going on?”

The three Juggernauts were stupefied.

After half a minute, gold piled upon the earth they stood on, spanning an area of hundreds of billions square kilometers and a height of several thousands of kilometers.

The gold mountain dazzled and almost blinded the three Juggernauts’ eyes.

Gold was a mere ordinary object that was worthless to the Juggernauts. Still, despite having seen all kinds of scenes, the three Juggernauts had never seen such a gigantic mountain made up of gold objects.


Meng Lei was satisfied with the gold mountain as he collected it into the system storage space.

After that were the Laws of Nature Origin Crystals, then the Divinity Crystals, and finally the Divinity Crystal ores.

At last, Meng Lei ransacked every piece of gold, Laws of Nature Origin Crystals, Divinity Crystals, Demonic Crystals there were in the Netherworld. Other than the special planes that divine cognition could not detect, he had truly plundered everything.

Thus, the haul was incredible.

Meng Lei obtained 167,000 Supreme Divinity Crystals. On top of the previous 14,500 crystals, his wealth had grown to 181,500 Supreme Divinity Crystals.

Wealth: 181,500 Supreme Divinity Crystals

That was simply unimaginable!

Hence, it was evident that true wealth neither lay in the treasuries of each godly clans nor lay in the mines—it was in the pockets of the trillions of ordinary citizens!

That was the meaning of ‘Hiding wealth among the people’.

“So this means that the Celestial Realm and the ten Divine Realms should have much more wealth waiting to be collected!”

Meng Lei’s eyes glinted sharply. However, Meng Lei sensed a familiar aura appearing in the air not far away at that moment.


Meng Lei looked over there and saw a slight ripple in the air as a gray skeleton appeared gradually. Its grayish will-o’-the-wisp fluttered along with the wind while it stared at Meng Lei.

“Destruction Dominus!”

Meng Lei raised an eyebrow.

“Such an aura! He’s...”

The Life Dominus, Death Dominus, and the Grim Reaper King’s expressions dramatically changed when they noticed the gray skeleton and its terrifying aura.

“Aren’t you going to kill me, little one?” The gray skeleton’s skull opened and closed its mouth. “Come get me if you’re good enough!”

After that, the gray skeleton disappeared in thin air.

“Hmph, a boring trick of a feigned retreat!”

Meng Lei smiled and followed casually.

“Let’s follow them too!”

The three Juggernauts exchanged a look. Though they had many reservations, they began to catch up nevertheless.

The gray skeleton flew in front, while Meng Lei strolled behind while the distance between them remained the same.

The speed was not too fast as the three Juggernauts could keep up easily.

Soon, they flew out of the Netherworld and into the Void.

The gray skeleton quickened its pace all of a sudden while Meng Lei followed suit.

This time, the three Juggernauts could no longer keep up despite their best efforts as they got thrown off quickly.


Picking Up Attributes From Today

Status: Completed

In Heaven’s Vault Continent, Colossal Dragons, Titans, Beast People, Fairies, Magical Beasts, and other races reign supreme!

Humans are treated like s*aves and lowlifes, while Dragon People act all high and mighty and consider themselves nobility!

However, a new addition will rock the boat and overturn the status quo!

His name is Meng Lei, and he is a human from Earth that transmigrated to become a… villager!

Or so he thought, as he had yet to unlock The Most Powerful Pickup System!

“Ding! Dropped item discovered. Will you pick it up?”

Be it money, items, spells, vitality, spiritual power… The Most Powerful Pickup System will pick them all!

“Should I train to become a Magician or a Warrior? Why not try both!?

Follow Meng Lei’s epic as he turns from a regular villager to a formidable and respectable existence!


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