My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Evacuation

Everyone’s panic-stricken hearts calmed down after hearing Chi Yang’s words.

“Due to the auction, this Block B is empty of hotel guests. We, who are all on 77th floor, are the only people in the entire building. Therefore, there will be no such thing as a congested escape route. Later, after I explain our escape plan, I hope that everyone will follow my plan to the letter. Whoever causes trouble in the midst of it all, I’ll view that person as the suspect for this explosion. No matter who it is! So, I hope you’ll follow my instructions without question. Do you understand?”


Everyone cooperated very well for the sake of escaping quickly.

“The criminals blew up the entire 44th floor, paralyzing the entire Block B. However, the sightseeing elevator is controlled by the main building, Block A. When the staff investigated it just now, the elevator is still intact. The explosion didn’t affect the elevator. Thus, Ling Pinyuan will be leading the crowd on the right, letting women and the elderly take the sightseeing elevator down the building. Ensure that everyone evacuates safely.”

“Yes, sir!”

After Ling Pinyuan accepted the order, Chi Yang continued relaying his messages, “All the remaining men, please hold heads with your hands and follow me down the stairs, three in a row. I’ll have to trouble Aiden and Xiao Shenbin to cover the rear.”

Aiden was startled for a moment, but he soon realized that this matter was likely the result of a discussion between Chi Yang and his Big Boss. “Sure, no problem.”

Chi Yang nodded his head in approval and then organized a formation of three in a row. Everyone held their heads without any exception. Leng Jinpeng was the first to hold his head.

Qu Mingyi looked at his wife worriedly. His eyes were filled with regret for involving his wife in this. He could not help but say to Zhong Nuannuan, “Nuannuan, your Auntie Yang isn’t in good health. I’ll have to trouble you to take care of her.”

Zhong Nuannuan nodded. “Don’t worry, Uncle Qu. I’ll do my best to take good care of Auntie Yang.”

Qu Mingyi replied gratefully, “That’s good, that’s good. Thank you.”

“Of course.”

Ling Pinyuan brought all the women and elderly to the sightseeing elevator.

“I know that everyone wants to take the elevator down as soon as possible, but you have to understand that the elevator can only take 15 people at a time. Even if the elevator isn’t damaged, we mustn’t overload the elevator with too many people. If something happens to the elevator midway, none of us here will be able to evacuate the premises. Since the captain left this in my charge, from now on, everyone here has to follow my orders.”


The elevator door opened.

“Zhong Nuannuan, Selina, Chi Yang’s grandfather, Old Master Wu, Wu Pingting, the five of you will go first. The elderly will go first, and the younger ones will follow later.”

To be honest, Ling Pinyuan did not make the wrong decision. After all, Zhong Nuannuan and Selina were Duke Eton’s daughters, and they could be considered international allies. Old Master Chi and Old Master Wu were not ordinary people. In addition to the fact that they were old, they should leave first.

However, this decision stunned Zhong Nuannuan.

After all, this woman picked on her whenever she could find the chance to before this.

Although Zhong Nuannuan was young, there were not many people left that she could not figure out. Therefore, she could tell that Ling Pinyuan had really given up on antagonizing her. At the same time, Ling Pinyuan seemed to have lost interest in pursuing the matter of Zhong Nuannuan leaving with millions-worth of jade from Soaring Clouds Pavilion without spending a single cent.


My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

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“Zhong Nuannuan, your charges have been withdrawn. The courts have declared you innocent and pronounced you not guilty for murder. You can leave prison now. Your family is waiting for you in the waiting room outside.” Zhong Nuannuan was startled. She pushed the female prison guard to the side and ran toward the waiting room. She did not even bother to put on her shoes. If not for the icy feeling she felt at every step of the way reminding her that this was not a dream, Zhong Nuannuan would not have believed that she had resurrected.
As she burst through the doors and saw him again, she knew in her heart, that this time she would get it right. This time she would cherish him properly and hopefully, just hopefully, turn her own fate around.


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