Lust Knight Chapter 320

Chapter 320 - Smashing Dragons (1/2)

Seeing that her provocations came to nothing, Wrath gets frustrated. She knows how to annoy any of her sisters, except Sloth, who always seems to be extremely calm.

Still, Wrath makes one last attempt to enrage Sloth. "Alright, sister. Let's say it's really possible for that boy to get you pregnant; do you really think he'll get close to your real body before Hell kills him?"

"This has nothing to do with you!" Sophia answers before Sloth.

But Sloth also speaks, still in a slow, calm tone while keeping her eyes closed. "You should stick to your things, Wrath, and thinking is not one of them."

"Humph!" Wrath mocks and dematerializes her body, disappointed that she didn't get the reaction from Sloth she wanted.

Sophia is shocked to see Sloth's lips slightly move, giving the impression that she wants to smile but is too lazy to do so.

Sloth feels nothing about Wrath's taunts. Still, she can't help but be excited by possibilities that involve Lucien and his sisters. And well, excitement is something that Sloth hasn't felt for thousands of years. In fact, she doesn't remember feeling that way ever.

"Help your sister finish the portal. It is very likely that he is in that bigger world, so you don't want to waste any more time away from him, don't you?" Sloth speaks to Sophia.

"Of course!" Sophia loses that lazy attitude easily when thinking about Lucien and how she wants to hug him non-stop, which Sloth doesn't know yet if it is something positive or negative for them.

The view of Sophia and Donna working together is certainly something 'out of this world.' The beauty of the sisters is something really incredible, and any man could look at them for days without getting tired.

But they are not in danger of being peeked at by someone as Wrath killed all the a.d.u.l.t men on that moon after they gaze at her with l.u.s.tful expressions. The children and few women who survived her fury now hide on the other part of the moon and will stay there for a year until they are sure that 'the purple devil' has left.

While completing the enchantment of the portal with magic powder, Sophia looks at Donna with a kind expression. "Why do you let Wrath talk whatever shit she wants? She acts as she wants, and you are always silent. We are not their toys but partners."

Donna makes an embarrassed expression while stroking her beautiful colored hair. "Ehh... I... when we arrived in this world, I was upset with Wrath because of the things she said. So she told me to beat her up whenever I was mad at her."

"And what did you do?" Sophia asks.

Donna smiles. "You know me... I tried to beat her... but it didn't work. She is very strong and has spanked me countless times. She told me that if I could beat her just once, she would treat me as a partner, but until that happens, I must be silent and listen to her."

Sophia is upset with Wrath and tries to comfort Donna. "She is a damn immortal demon, so this fight is not fair even if she has the same level of power as you."

Donna strokes Sophia's head. "It's fine, little sister. I'm going to use all the powerful enemies that appear in front of me to train and get stronger. Then at some point, I'll beat Wrath up and make her listen to whatever the shit I want to say."

Sophia giggles. "I'm sure you can do it."

"Hehehehe..." Donna laughs too.

Even with all the shit going on in their lives, Lucien's family has to enjoy any good times they may have, as that could be the last one before the storm devour them all.

After a few minutes, the sisters finish the portal. It is very similar to the portal Michael made, but done for two people, with more resources.

Donna looks at the sky while thinking aloud. "I cannot say that I will miss this place full of stupid and weak people."

Sophia looks at the big tower behind them. "I spent a lot of time in this place, but I missed Lucien all that time, so I also won't have good memories from here."

"So, let's go." Donna extends a hand to Sophia.

"Yeah!" Sophia smiles as she takes Donna's hand because she is thrilled that she is finally going back to Lucien, well, if he really is in the world where they are going.

The sisters walk to the watery portal while the great demons stay inside them in silence.

And then, just as they came to that world, right after going through the portal, all they see is the darkness of infinite space. But now they can also feel each other's hand, which makes the journey less lonely.

The portal made by Donna with all the resources she took from the people of Argerim's moon under the supervision of Wrath is flawless. After a few minutes, the sisters see a great city while the portal opens in the sky above the city of Petra, on Argerim.

While Sloth just looks for more prominent dangers in a somewhat casual way, Wrath reports everything to Donna. 'Damn!! Jackpot !! There are dragons here, and they are Shé.'

Donna is excited as she remembers the stories she has read about dragons. 'Dragons? Those powerful legendary creatures who are said to be able to fight for several days refreshing themselves with the thrill of battle? Aren't they too strong for us to face now?'

Wrath quickly responds. 'Well, all the powerful people in the universe have armies of varying power levels, and these here, despite being strong, aren't invincible. Also, the noble legendary dragons are Tiankong, the children of Aylin and not this Shé rabble.'

'Hehehehe... let's crush them down!' Donna's eyes shine with expectation for the battle, making Wrath proud of choosing her as a host.

Meanwhile, Sloth clearly noticed the dragons too, and their power didn't surprise them, but the power level of some of the people in Petra is strange.

She thinks to herself. [Seven, no, nine people in the Mortal Realm first layer and one of them almost reaching the second layer... this is not at all common for an inferior world...]

Then Sloth notices Daisy, flying towards the sea in her stone cocoon. [Oh, a vampire! So did she help those people get to the Mortal Realm? What's her power... Sky Realm second, no; third? Looks like fourth... second again? Is she wearing any disguise treasure?]

Sloth, unable to understand Daisy's exact power level, is confused for a second before understanding her situation. [Ah, she's hurt... so her real level power is Sky Realm peak or... really interesting.]

She quickly speaks to Sophia. 'We have to help that woman. She is a vampire, and these dragons are Shé. The vampiric race does not get along with most Dragons and Gods, but has a neutral relationship with Demons and hates the Shé Dynasty.'

Sophia looks at Daisy while still falling from the sky and talks to Sloth. 'Why help her? Shouldn't we focus on our goals?'

Sloth calmly explains. 'Fighting with these dragons is already the main goal of Wrath and your sister right now, so we must make the most of this situation. Help that vampire will be good for us because she will help us later to understand more about this world.'

'Hmmm...' Sophia wants to run through this world and just stop when she gets into Lucien's arms.

'She's been here longer than we and can help us find your brother faster if he's here.' Sloth comments.

"We are going to help that vampire." Sophia quickly speaks to Donna.

"Aren't you going to help me defeat those dragons?" Donna asks.

"Fighting is not my thing, you know." Sophia giggles.

Donna shakes her head. "Okay, just be ready to help if something goes wrong."

Sophia nods. "Sure. I'll heal you at a distance, so just do what you like most..."

Donna smiles broadly as she lets go of Sophia's hand and begins to fall quickly towards the ground.

On the ground, Marik, the captain of the Shé troops, looks at the sky with a curious expression. "Two girls? Who are they?"

One of the other dragons in front of him looks directly at Donna, falling towards him as he raises his spear. "She..."

"SSSSSSMAAA..." Everyone hears Donna's loud and deep voice.

When she is less than twenty meters from the soldier dragon, Donna punches down at the same time as explosions of energy come out of her gauntlets and propel her down.

Marik feels Donna's powerful aura and thinks she is in the Sky Realm when, in fact, she is in the fourth layer of the Earth Realm. He gets scared and quickly activates a protective treasure, creating a small barrier around him.

The dragon soldier has no good senses like Marik's because he is also in the fourth layer of the Earth Realm. He keeps his spear pointed at Donna while laughing and thinks to himself. [She will impale herself on my spear willingly.]

Everything happens too fast, even for Marik to understand what's going on.

"AAAAAA..." Donna, in the middle of a battle cry and punching down, reaches the dragon and her gauntlet touches the tip of his weapon.

The dragon, for a second, feels his hands burn as Donna's brutal force pushes his spear down, but that same overwhelming force also begins to crush the spear blade.

First, the blade and then Donna's gauntlet also breaks the spear shaft at the same time it reaches the dragon's hand.

[Dam-] The dragon doesn't even have time to curse mentally because Donna crushes his hand, arm, and then head, before crushing his whole body in meat paste.


"SSSSHHH!!!" Donna ends her battle cry while blood, bones, and pieces of organs of that dragon flies everywhere, along with dust and stone from the ground that she breaks, creating a large crater.


A piece of meat from that dragon soldier hits Marik's defense barrier as he looks shocked at Donna. [Who the hell is she???]

Donna gets up from the floor after kneeling down to punch everything in her way, so she wipes the blood off her face and looks at Marik, and smiles. "I f.u.c.k.i.n.g love it!!

A bizarre dread begins to well up in Marik's heart, but then he remembers that he has a thousand dragon army of the Mortal Realm and Earth Realm with him.

He quickly raises his hand, and out of it comes a fire dragon snake-like that flies above his position, warning all his troops to gather.

At the same time, Daisy, still flying towards the sea, is shocked to see Donna crush that dragon soldier from the Earth Realm so easily.

Still, she knows that two girls, no matter how powerful they are, cannot beat that group of dragons alone unless they are both from the peak Sky Realm and have powerful offensive area skills.

Also, Daisy has no way of knowing if the sisters can be her allies, so she increases her speed as she finishes creating the stone cocoon around her and Heike.

"Huh??" But before the cocoon is finished, a green light enters it and breaks Daisy's spell in a second, causing the cocoon to turn dust and fall.

Daisy quickly takes Heike's arm and then realizes that in front of her, there is a beautiful young woman with red hair looking at her while floating on a fluffy big pillow.


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Lust Knight

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