Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 99999


Magneto’s departure did not seem to attract anyone’s attention, but it was not unnoticed.

Professor Charles, who was a few hundred meters away from him, silently retracted his eyes after Magneto left, and for his old friend whom he had known for many years, Charles’ attention on him was still very high.

So, he also knew that Magneto had met his son and daughter. As for the later sneak attack on Magneto by Number 2, Charles did not care too much about it.

Anyway, this kind of transformation Mutant can no longer be considered normal Mutant, and dead is dead, Charles is not a saint.

“Iceman, now that the suppression effect has been lifted, you should go and take care of those Green Giants. It would be better to keep them alive.” His gaze was taken back from Magneto, who had left, and Professor Charles spoke to Iceman.

Because their abilities were suppressed, as powerful X-Men, Iceman can only hide behind Captain Rogers and SHIELD’s K team, which made Iceman feel very uncomfortable.

Now that the suppression effect has disappeared, Iceman doesn’t want to hide behind and let others protect him.


After hearing Professor Charles’ words, Iceman instantly turned into an ice crystal and rushed out. Just by circling around those huge green-skinned monsters, the green-skinned giants whose defense and strength was almost insurmountable were frozen into a single ice sculpture by Iceman.

“En? It seems that they have already recovered.” Seeing Iceman’s sudden move, Rogers’s blinked and thought silently in his heart.

Then, Rogers led the K team to cooperate with Iceman to quickly freeze the remaining Green Giants. Coupled with the Iron Man in mid-air, they will soon be able to control all these Green Giants.


Half a minute later, the last Green Giant also fell under the combined effort of Team K and several Iron Man.

At this point, these Green Giants with amazing defense and strength released by the Military were all under their control.

Sweeping a glance at the wounded Soldiers in the K Squad, Rogers’s brow furrowed tightly. After this incident is over, Rogers would have a good talk with the Military.

“Captain Rogers, Magneto has left. I think today’s incident can finally be over. Although it caused a lot of damage, but it can be considered to be under control without further expansion of the incident.” After Rogers walked back to Professor Charles, Professor Charles looked at him and said with a smile.

Once the fight between Mutants becomes uncontrollable, it will cause unpredictable losses to a city and even a larger area, not to mention a strong mutant with an abnormal ability like Magneto.

Although Magneto broke out with all of his power once, he at least did not affect Washington as a whole.

The worst result was that the area close to this battlefield seemed to have suffered low-level earthquakes, some of the ground cracked, and the building swayed a few times.

This kind of loss is completely acceptable for this kind of war, at least SHIELD can completely resist this kind of consequence.

“Eh, it was also nice to work with X-Men this time.” Hearing the words of Professor Charles, Rogers calmly responded.

Although Rogers is not a person who cares about strength, he also has to admit that the strength of X-Men far exceeds his Avengers.

Although the Avengers can arm themselves with continuously upgraded high-tech equipment, their strength will drop a lot if they encounter Mutants like Magneto that can abolish most of the high-tech equipment.

Therefore, this joint operation is also a good thing for SHIELD.

“Do you know anything about Magneto’s raid on Stryker?” Although Magneto has left, Rogers still doesn’t know why he has attacked Stryker this time. So after the incident stabilized, Rogers still asked Professor Charles.

“I was going to tell you even if you hadn’t asked me. The reason why Magneto attacked Stryker...” Hearing Rogers’ question, Professor Charles nodded and was ready to explain.

However, just as Charles was going to explain the situation to Rogers, Rogers suddenly frowned and the expression on his face suddenly became very ugly.

“Not good!” Without hearing Charles’ explanation, Rogers suddenly looked up in the air and shouted out loud at the same time.

“What? ......” Seeing Rogers’ instantly changing face, and then hearing his alarming cry, Professor Charles looked up with some confusion.

In the next second, Professor Charles saw a figure in the sky descending rapidly. In the process of descent, the figure quickly expanded from normal size, and soon became a giant the same size as those green-skinned giants.

“That’s... another modified Soldier?” Although this Hulk-like creature that descended rapidly from mid-air looked a little different, Professor Charles still treated him as the same as those transformed Soldiers that were controlled by the Military.

“No! He’s not the Military’s Soldier! Damn it! Why did he come down!?” Hearing Charles’ words, Rogers replied while already rushing out with his shield.

“Not a soldier? What is it then?” Hearing Rogers’ answer, Charles thought suspiciously as he looked at him.

“K team! Assemble!” While Professor Charles was puzzled, Rogers had already gathered the resting K-Squad again. Looking at him, it seems that Rogers is more nervous facing this Green Giant than he was before.

And when Rogers assembled the K-Team, the Iron Man who was originally suspended in the air also looked at the rapidly descending figure in the air. After scanning the specifics of that figure, one Iron Man located at the back suddenly wavered in mid-air.

“The real monster is here!” Looking at the JARVIS scan results, Tony suspended in mid-air muttered to himself with an ugly expression on his face.

After comparing the JARVIS scan with the data in his own database, Tony was shocked to find that the Hulk giant that was falling rapidly was actually Dr. Banner, who had been missing for several years, and he is the real Hulk.

“JARVIS, how long till I can use that weapon?” Tony suppressed the shock in his heart, and then quickly asked JARVIS.

In the face of the real Hulk, Tony’s Iron Man was not enough. The only thing that hoped to suppress him was the secret weapon. Even if all the people in X-Men were able to recover, Tony didn’t think they could control an angry Hulk.

“Sir, there is still one minute and thirty seconds left.” JARVIS quickly replied when he heard Tony.

“Then, proceed to pre-start!” Tony said in a serious tone as he saw the giant in front that had landed on the ground.

“Yes, sir.”


Heroes Of Marvel

Status: Completed

After an accidental electric shock, Jackson traversed into a parallel world filled with supreme beings—beings whose might and strength could hold the skies on their shoulder.

At first, Jackson preconceived the idea that he’d only traversed on the other side of the world, the United States, until that is various peculiarities popped up.

While watching the news channel, Jackson wondered whose the big green guy jumping up and down the buildings of New York without care.

Who is that bodybuilder statue donned in a red-blue uniform standing tall and proud in the Memorial Hall?

And who is that man flying the skies with a big hammer calling himself a God?

Jackson wondered if he should advise his parents to move away from New York.

But after a moment of thought, Jackson pulled out his mobile phone and dialed a number. “Mr. Stark, for the safety of mankind, I think it’s necessary to discuss the developments of technology and advanced armors with you.”

This is the story of a young man living in the world of Marvel who only wished to live a quiet and stable life but as fate would have it, fate had other plans for him.


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