Heroes Of Marvel Chapter 99999


The sudden appearance of the red beam was too unexpected and by the time Magneto raised his hand to release the Magnetic Field to block the blow, he was already a little too late.

And, just now, Magneto had used his ability when it was suppressed and he had suffered some serious internal injuries. Therefore, the red beam grazed Magneto’s magnetic field and hit him directly on the shoulder.


Magneto almost fell to the ground when his shoulder was hit, but he finally held back his injuries and stabilized his magnetic field.

After releasing the completed magnetic field boundary, Magneto swept a glance at his injured shoulder, and his eyes finally looked towards the location where the red beam had shot out from.

If Magneto is not mistaken then he had already finished all the transformed Mutants under Stryker when he exploded out with his full strength, and the guy whose eyes could emit the red energy beam was long dead. So, who sneak attacked him at this time?


Just as Magneto stared at the corner over there to see who was sneaking on him, the space outside the magnetic field was suddenly distorted, and then a figure suddenly appeared out of thin air.

Staring at the person who suddenly teleported out of the magnetic field barrier, a look of surprise flashed in Magneto’s eyes. Because this guy who appeared in a sudden teleport turned out to be the Number 2 that Magneto had crushed to death with his own hands.

“So it’s you, it seems that you still have another mutant ability, Regeneration isn’t it?” Looking at the magnetic field boundary blocked outside the number two, Magneto spoke with a cold look in his eyes.

Previously, when Number 2 actively attacked Magneto, he had shown many mutant abilities. At first, he broke through Magneto’s large-scale attack, followed by teleportation, Cloning, and some kind of special energy that can break through the magnetic field barrier.

Now, he is showing his ability to shoot out red energy and some kind of Regeneration ability.

Obviously, this guy must be the most successful kind among Stryker’s transformed Mutants. These abilities are not easy to find, not to mention that they are all gathered in one person now.

If it wasn’t for Magneto being a Level 4 Mutant and his Mutation ability being able to control magnetic field, he wouldn’t really know what to do when facing such a transformant Mutant with multiple mutant abilities.

Fortunately, when the military released that special weapon against Mutants’ abilities, it also suppressed the ability of Number 2. Otherwise, if he could use the abilities freely when Magneto and others’ abilities were suppressed then that would have been a disaster.

“Huh! That reaction is quite fast!” Number 2 said with some dissatisfaction while looking at Magneto’s injured shoulder outside the magnetic field barrier.

Number 2 in the Mutants team under Stryker does have the ability to self-recover. After being crushed by Magneto and thrown to the ground, Number 2 was silently recovering.

But then Magneto broke out with all his strength and even if he recovered, he didn’t have a chance against Magneto, so he kept waiting for the chance. When the military released the green-skinned monsters, No. 2 was ready to take action, but in the end, he resisted it.

Then the military released the secret weapon that could suppress the Mutants’ ability, and Number 2’s ability was also suppressed, so he had to continue to hide.

Number 2 was hiding in the side and he was disappointed when he saw that Magneto was about to be punched to death by the Green Giant because of his ability being suppressed, but then he was shocked by the sudden appearance of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Fortunately, he was hiding and wasn’t found.

After Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch left, all of No. 2’s abilities were also recovered. When Magneto seemed to be a little relaxed because of seeing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, Number 2 attacked decisively. Although his attack hit Magneto, it didn’t fully achieve his goal as it has only hurt Magneto’s shoulder.


After seeing who the guy in front of him was, the magnetic field that enveloped Magneto instantly spread outward. Since he knew that the guy in front of him had the ability to recover himself, Magneto would not give him a chance to do so this time!


However, Number 2 was obviously prepared for this and he teleported away. When he reappeared, several of the same people had been separated standing around Magneto, and the energy fluctuations that could break the magnetic field barrier spread from each clone.


Looking at the energy fluctuations emanating from the clone’s bodies around himself, Magneto’s eyes flashed with a trace of fatigue.

As the leader of the Mutants Brotherhood, as a superpowered Mutant that once shocked the entire world, Magneto would now be forced to this point by a transformed Mutant. Perhaps, this world has really changed too much.

“In that case, I can’t let an upstart do me in!” Whispering softly to himself, Magneto’s gaze quickly swept over the several No. 2s that surrounded him.

The next moment, Magneto’s eyes stopped on one of the No. 2’s bodies. And after being stared at by Magneto, a hint of surprise flashed in the eyes of that number two who was no different from the other number twos.


Before that number two had time to react to why Magneto was staring at him, a torrent of metal had rushed out from the ground and instantly submerged him in it.

And while this number two was being flooded by the metal torrent, the other number two’s movements surprisingly appeared to stiffen a bit, and then were directly pierced by the metal spikes protruding from the ground.

Pū Pū Pū!

The Number 2’s pierced by the metal all turned into phantoms and disappeared in the next moment. Obviously, they were all clones. As for the real body that was submerged by the metal torrent, no one knows how Magneto discovered him.

“Damn it!” Being constantly impacted by the metal torrent, No. 2 had no way to teleport out from there.


He couldn’t use Teleport and a shock wave came out of No.2’s body. This shock wave gradually changed from weak to strong, and it seemed that it would soon help him shake off the metal torrent.


Just when Number Two was trying to get out of the predicament, Magneto on the ground suddenly squeezed his hands.

The next moment, the torrent of metal flying in mid-air suddenly stopped, and then instantly squeezed inward into an extremely compressed metal strip. As for Number Two, he was sealed in this long metal strip at this time.


“In this case, even if you have your Recovery ability, you won’t be able to come back to life,” Magneto whispered indifferently as he looked at the metal strip that fell to the ground from midair.

Then Magneto turned around and left the battlefield step by step.


Heroes Of Marvel

Status: Completed

After an accidental electric shock, Jackson traversed into a parallel world filled with supreme beings—beings whose might and strength could hold the skies on their shoulder.

At first, Jackson preconceived the idea that he’d only traversed on the other side of the world, the United States, until that is various peculiarities popped up.

While watching the news channel, Jackson wondered whose the big green guy jumping up and down the buildings of New York without care.

Who is that bodybuilder statue donned in a red-blue uniform standing tall and proud in the Memorial Hall?

And who is that man flying the skies with a big hammer calling himself a God?

Jackson wondered if he should advise his parents to move away from New York.

But after a moment of thought, Jackson pulled out his mobile phone and dialed a number. “Mr. Stark, for the safety of mankind, I think it’s necessary to discuss the developments of technology and advanced armors with you.”

This is the story of a young man living in the world of Marvel who only wished to live a quiet and stable life but as fate would have it, fate had other plans for him.


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