Eternal Reverence Chapter 732

Chapter 732: Heaven and Earth Battle Formation

The Saint Spirit Continent had countless towns. Nobody knows how many towns there were on the entire continent. Each day, some towns would be destroyed while new towns would emerge.

According to what Li Fuchen knew, towns could be created anytime, but the main problem was whether you could protect the town or if anyone would go and reside in your town.

At the beginning, when flying over some of the towns, Li Fuchen could still take a glance down. But after a while, he simply ignored the towns.

As compared to the Flying Silver Island, the Saint Spirit Continent was obviously much livelier and there were silver airships seen from time to time.

Some of the silver airships were obviously part of merchant groups and they were more than 1000 meters in length.


There was a shocking energy wave at the front and Li Fuchen didn’t need to guess to know that someone was robbing the merchant group’s silver airship.

Anyone who wanted to rob a merchant group’s silver airship, it must be from a powerful faction. A small faction wouldn’t be able to do so.

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to meddle and raised the silver airship into the higher altitudes to fly across from above.

As to make a detour, Li Fuchen still wasn’t that afraid to get involved and he didn’t wish to waste time.

“This path is blocked. Please make a detour.”

Once the silver airship reached a certain height, two high-level emperors obstructed Li Fuchen.

“Get lost.”

Li Fuchen controlled the silver airship and used it to send the duo flying with a smash.

“Enemy attack!” The two who were sent flying quickly called for reinforcements.

All of a sudden, seven or eight high-level emperors surrounded Li Fuchen.

At the front, there were hundreds of figures that surrounded a high-grade silver airship. The leader was a malicious-looking man. He was stronger than the Black Hatchet Great Emperor and was obviously a top-notch great emperor.

Hundreds of figures were all blasting at the high-grade silver airship and after a few rounds of attack, the high-grade silver airship collapsed.

Dozens of figures emerged from within.

The head of the group was a gray-haired middle-aged man. He had a tall build and forceful qi prowess. His qi presence was even superior to the malicious man, behind him were a pair of siblings. The elder sister was a little older and around 12 or 13 years old, while the younger brother was only 7 or 8 years old. The two of them were hiding behind the gray-haired man as though they were frightened fawns.

“Black Snake Great Emperor, why do you need to be so merciless? If the Clan Head returns one day, do you think he will spare you?!” The gray-haired man yelled out.

The malicious man, the Black Snake Great Emperor laughed and said, “Clan Head? He is already long dead, otherwise, he would have returned after so many centuries. Right now, the Clan Head of Wu Clan is Lord Wu Chengkang. Barbaric Mountain Peak Emperor, I advise you to surrender now. If not, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Do you think you can stop me with just these numbers of men?” The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor took a glance behind the Black Snake Great Emperor and said in a deep tone.

“Barbaric Peak Great Emperor, are you acting like a fool or are you really a fool? The Wu Clan is once a saint clan and has left behind plenty of class 8 battle formations. Any single battle formation is enough to deal with you.”

As the Black Snake Great Emperor spoke, he waved his hand. “Set up the formation and seize them.”


The Black Snake Great Emperor’s men were mostly mid-level emperors. Once the command was given, 108 mid-level emperors formed a formation and instantly attacked the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor with a horrific battle formation power.

“Heaven and Earth Battle Formation!” The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor had a dark expression.

The Heaven and Earth Battle Formation was able to gather all the power from 108 men to one force. With the enhancement from the battle formation law, it was enough to increase the total strength of 108 men by ten times. In other words, 108 mid-level emperors would be equivalent to a top-notch great emperor. Of course, this wasn’t the most terrifying aspect, the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation was able to divert forces. If the enemy attacked the battle formation with 100% of power, 70% or 80% of the power might be diverted by the battle formation. Unless one’s strength was far beyond the battle formation, it wouldn’t be enough.

“Protect the young lady and young master well.”

The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor wasn’t going to surrender without a fight. He asked his men to protect the siblings while he yelled out and extended his law phase. A mountain peak law phase smashed at the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation.


There was a horrific burst of qi waves and the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor was sent flying, but the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation had only shook a little.

“Barbaric Peak Great Emperor, since you are so obstinate, then die! Set up another Heaven and Earth Battle Formation.”

The Black Snake Great Emperor didn’t have any intention to make a move. Instead, he ordered another 108 mid-level emperors to set up the second Heaven and Earth Battle Formation.

Boom Boom Boom…

When facing two Heaven and Earth Battle Formations, the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor couldn’t even fight back at all. In just a short moment, his law phase collapsed and he vomited fresh blood.

Just as the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor was about to fall, a dozen figures were being blasted over and they were drenched in blood.

“What is going on?” The Black Snake Great Emperor glanced over.

“Black Snake Great Emperor, this person is looking for trouble and even injured our brothers.” A severely injured high-level emperor said.

“Hmph, if he is looking for trouble, then let him die! Set up the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation.”

The Black Snake Great Emperor had brought over more than 300 mid-level emperors and it was enough to set up three Heaven and Earth Battle Formation.

In the blink of the eye, the third Heaven and Earth Battle Formation was formed and the battle formation power was brimming.

“Class 8 battle formation?” Li Fuchen sized up the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation.

The battle formations had different classes. Class 7 battle formations were corresponding with Primary Sea Realm monarchs, while class 8 battle formations were for Law Phase Realm emperors.

Generally speaking, if Law Phase Realm emperors set up class 7 battle formations, the strength increase would be minimal and wouldn’t be useful.

It would be too difficult for Primary Sea Realm monarchs to set up class 8 battle formations as they didn’t meet the basic requirements.

Therefore, a corresponding battle formation was the best battle formation.

Of course, same classed battle formations also had strength differences.

A 100-men class 8 battle formation was definitely stronger than a 50-men class 8 battle formation.

The Heaven and Earth Battle Formation consisted of 108 men and was obviously a powerful class 8 battle formation.

Once the battle formation was formed, a boundless qi force was blasted at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen could see that the qi force contained a mystical battle formation law.

The battle formation law gathered the power of 108 men to a small zone, using a special method to fuse them.


Li Fuchen waved his hand casually and the qi force collapsed.

“Much stronger than the Black Hatchet Great Emperor. This is the foundation of a powerful faction?”

Li Fuchen could imagine how strenuous it would be to face these powerful clans alone.

You might have worked so hard just to make it into the Great Emperor Rankings, but others just had to use 108 mid-level emperors to beat you up into a dog.

Even if you were able to rank high in the Great Emperor Rankings, others were still able to form the battle formations with high-level emperors.

A battle formation with 108 mid-level emperors was already this powerful, if it was formed with 108 high-level emperors, those higher ranked great emperors would also have a hard time.

Of course, the battle formation also had its limit.

Li Fuchen reckoned that top 100 or top few hundred great emperors were too much for battle formations to handle.

Most of these great emperors had a deep comprehension of laws and intents. A battle formation would hardly produce a profound law and there would also be a limit to using numbers.

After scattering the qi force, Li Fuchen didn’t wait for the opposition to react and flicked his finger.

The Heaven and Earth Battle Formation was indeed able to divert forces, but the precondition was for the enemy’s attack to be within the battle formation’s limit of resistance. Li Fuchen’s finger force had mystical law and intent, making it impossible to divert.

There was a bang and the battle formation collapsed, all 108 mid-level emperors were sent flying while vomiting blood.

“What?” The Black Snake Great Emperor was shocked and silently felt it wasn’t good.

“Form the Heaven Mystic Formation!”

Behind the Black Snake Great Emperor, 36 high-level emperors formed a 36-men battle formation. There was a battle formation power that was several times stronger than the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation that rushed into the sky.


The Heaven Mystic Formation burst out with qi radiance that sliced at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen casually brandished his right hand causing the qi radiance to break open from within. At the next moment, the Heaven Mystic Formation had also collapsed.

“Sir, why are you seeking trouble with my Wu Clan?”

The Black Snake Great Emperor had an awful expression. In his opinion, Li Fuchen must be a highly ranked great emperor that was in the top few thousand in the Great Emperor Rankings. Otherwise, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have been able to destroy the Heaven Mystic Formation formed by high-level emperors.

Li Fuchen said, “I want to go, but you people don’t let me. Now I don’t want to go, you people say I am causing trouble. Are you the ones to decide everything?”

“Sir, my subordinates are incompetent, I seek forgiveness from them.” The Black Snake Great Emperor cupped his fist and said.

“My lord, please save the two siblings.” The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor’s voice suddenly transmitted over.

The Black Snake Great Emperor had a change of expression and said to Li Fuchen, “This is my clan’s matter. I hope that you will not interfere.”

“So what if I interfere?”

Li Fuchen waved his hand and shot out two qi forces to smash the two Heaven and Earth Battle Formations that surrounded the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor.

The Black Snake Great Emperor said in a gloomy tone, “You might not know that my Wu Clan is once a saint clan. Leave while you have the chance now. Otherwise, my Wu Clan will not let this matter rest.”

The Wu Clan was considered the top 100 clan on the Saint Spirit Continent. There were saints produced among their ancestors and if a regular person heard their clan name, they wouldn’t dare to provoke them.

“Once a saint clan? Then it means that you don’t have a saint now.” Li Fuchen let out an indifferent smile.

As long as there wasn’t a saint, there wasn’t nothing to fear. The clan might have class 9 arrays that Li Fuchen couldn’t break, but they weren’t qualified to provoke him yet.

“Do you really want to meddle in my Wu Clan’s affairs?” The Black Snake Great Emperor used a stern tone.

“I am definitely going to interfere, get lost!”

Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes and burst out with horrific power which sent the Black Snake Great Emperor flying.


The Black Snake Great Emperor took his men and left. Li Fuchen was too powerful, unless he had 108 high-level emperors to form the Heaven and Earth Battle Formation, or if the clan dispatched the strongest expert, they wouldn’t be able to deal with Li Fuchen.


Eternal Reverence

Status: Completed

Pinnacle of martial, mountain shifting and sea filling, catching stars and seizing the moon, reverse the flow of time!

Extremity of the sword, one sword to form the dao, one sword to reach the immortals, one sword to break the laws!

The young Li Fuchen, chanced upon the Golden Talisman which allowed his spirit soul to constantly evolve. In this world where prodigies and experts were everywhere, he used the sword in his hand to ascend to the absolute pinnacle.

The world will decay one day, but my reverence shall be eternal.


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