Eternal Reverence Chapter 731

Chapter 731: Saint Spirit Continen

From far away, the massive and boundless shoreline appeared in Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei’s vision. They were extremely excited and wanted to turn around and call out to Li Fuchen.

Thud Thud Thud…

There were sounds of footsteps.

There wasn’t a need for a reminder as Li Fuchen walked out from the cabin.

“The Saint Spirit Continent is truly incredible…”

Li Fuchen could sense a boundless and invincible willpower emitting pressure.

If this world had anything that was beyond saints, it would definitely be a high-class continent willpower.

The shoreline didn’t look far, but it was actually unbelievably far away. It took one week for the silver airship to officially land on the Saint Spirit Continent.

“The heaven and earth energy here is several times purer than the Flying Silver Island.” Gao Xiaofeng was inhaling the air avidly.

Yu Wei smiled and said, “The Flying Silver Island might be part of the Saint Spirit continent, but it is still an island and cannot be compared with the main body of the continent.”

In a short moment, the trio rode the silver airship and arrived at a port city.

This port city was called Day Sea City and it was truly flourishing. Li Fuchen took a glance with his spiritual awareness and realized there were more Law Phase Realm emperors than the Flying Silver City. There were at least 7000 to 8000 of them.

“Primary Sea Realm monarchs are really everywhere while there are plenty of Law Phase Realm emperors.” Li Fuchen lamented.

For Li Fuchen who just came over from the Emperor Sky Continent, it was truly unbelievable for him that a random city could have close to ten thousand Law Phase Realm emperors. He reckoned that if the Great Emperor Rankings had 10,000 positions, there would be at least one million great emperors on the continent. Therefore, the number of Law Phase Realm emperors would be at least 100 million. It was a truly horrifying number. If there were so many Law Phase Realm emperors on the Emperor Sky Continent, it would be enough to destroy the Emperor Sky Continent countless times.

Li Fuchen turned around and said to the duo, “Since we have arrived on the Saint Spirit Continent, then it is time to part ways. This storage bag has a little gift from me.”

While speaking, Li Fuchen took out a storage bag and tossed it to Gao Xiaofeng.

Gao Xiaofeng wanted to refuse as Li Fuchen had already treated them well enough. He had yet to repay the previous favours and was about to receive another gift. He was truly too embarrassed to accept.

Li Fuchen said, “Once you have enough strength to protect yourself and the people you care, you will then be qualified to refuse. Just treat your meeting with me as a fated encounter.”

Gao Xiaofeng was silent for a moment before he nodded. “Xiaofeng will never forget senior’s kindness in this lifetime.”

“Work hard.”

Li Fuchen patted Gao Xiaofeng’s shoulder and flashed into the silver airship. With a swish, the silver airship turned into a silver light and vanished.

The Day Sea City was only a port city and Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to stay here.

Once Li Fuchen left, Gao Xiaofeng opened the storage bag.

“Xiaofeng, what is inside?” Yu Wei asked with curiosity.

“Look.” Gao Xiaofeng took a deep breath and handed the storage bag to Yu Wei.

Yu Wei took a glance and couldn’t help covering her mouth.

The value of the things within the storage bag was too much.

There was a mid-grade silver airship, a few heaven class equipment, and three jade scrolls.

A mid-grade silver airship would already have a value of over 100 thousand high-grade spirit stones. The two of them had a total wealth of over 200 thousand high-grade spirit stones. This was after adding the 200 thousand high-grade spirit stones they obtained from the Miao Clan a few months ago.

The value of heaven class equipment was very high too. A heaven class low-tier weapon would cost a few thousand high-grade spirit stones on the Saint Spirit Continent. A heaven class low-tier armor would need over ten thousand high-grade spirit stones. Right now, the duo only had heaven class low-tier weapons.

Finally, those three jade scrolls. Yu Wei’s instincts told her that the three jade scrolls had even greater value.

“Xiaofeng, hurry up and take a look at the jade scrolls.” Yu Wei took out the jade scrolls and handed them to Gao Xiaofeng.

“Good.” Gao Xiaofeng’s spiritual awareness entered within.


A sword light burst out in the spirit soul, causing Gao Xiaofeng to be frozen in place.

The three jade scrolls were two sword arts and one heaven class mid-tier cultivation technique.

The two sword arts were the Flowing Merciless Edge and Sky Ring Sword Armor. The cultivation technique was the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique.

Gao Xiaofeng had an excited expression. He was a swordsman like Li Fuchen and just happened to possess the 8-star blazing flame bone frame. These swords arts and cultivation technique were extremely suitable for him. If he could successfully cultivate them, his strength would be increased by ten times or even dozens of times.

At a high altitude, there was a silver light skimming by.

Standing at the bow of the silver airship, Li Fuchen welcomed the win.

The reason for giving Gao Xiaofeng the gifts was because he had great expectations of Gao Xiaofeng.

In fact, even without his help, with Gao Xiaofeng’s innate talent and perception, as long as he didn’t get killed, he would certainly become a top-notch great emperor after a few centuries. Li Fuchen’s appearance was merely going to hasten the process.

“I hope that you will have the strength to protect yourself the next time we meet.” Li Fuchen let out a faint smile.

With the Mist of Death dispersed, there were multiple interactions between the Flying Silver Island and the Saint Spirit Continent. There were people traveling to the Saint Spirit Continent from the Flying Silver Island, and vice versa.

On this day, a high-grade silver airship appeared in the skies above the Day Sea City.

Inside the silver airship were two Joss Chiefs from the Flying Silver Hall.

“Sky Aqua Branch Helm is responsible for dozens of cities in the surrounding. Send the news to the branch helm and let them dispatch experts to chase down that person.”

“The Sky Aqua Branch Helm has a Helm Master and six Altar Masters. Killing that person should be easy.”

The Sky Thrust Union had a hierarchy of members like, Joss Chief, Hall Master, Altar Master, and Helm Master.

Generally speaking, an Altar Master’s strength was ranked around 1000 on the Great Emperor Rankings. Once there was an incredibly famous Altar Master that had assassinated an expert that was ranked around 700 on the Great Emperor Rankings.

As for the strength of a Helm Master, it was naturally unfathomable. The weakest Helm Master had strength that could be ranked top 500 on the Great Emperor Rankings. The strongest might be even top 100.

In the two Joss Chiefs’ opinion, Li Fuchen’s strength should only be in the top few hundred on the Great Emperor Rankings. An Altar Master might not be able to defeat Li Fuchen, but two or three Altar Masters combined should be able to contest with Li Fuchen. If a Helm Master was to make the move, Li Fuchen would never be able to survive.

A few days later, a high-grade silver airship arrived at the vicinity of the Day Sea City.

On the silver airship was Miao Hailong and a group of Miao Clan’s emperors.

“How dare you snatch the woman I wanted. You are dead.” Miao Hailong had an extremely dark expression.

He really fell in love with Yu Wei, otherwise, he would make her consume the expensive Emotion Erase Elixir and would just forcefully take her.

After Li Fuchen took Yu Wei, Miao Hailong swore to kill Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen still didn’t know that Miao Hailong wasn’t just an ordinary direct line descendant of the Miao Clan. The Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu who was ranked 64th on the Great Emperor Rankings was Miao Hailong’s second grandfather. But Miao Hailong made a mistake, therefore, he was punished and sent to the Flying Silver Island to stay for twenty years before he could leave.

“Young Master Hailong, there is no need to ask the doyen to make a move. Apart from the two doyens in the Miao Clan, there is still someone that is ranked around 1000 in the Great Emperor Rankings. It should be enough for him to make a move.”

Miao Hailong said, “Are you talking about Miao Xuefeng?”

Miao Xuefeng, ranked 713th on the Great Emperor Rankings, having the title of Demonic Wind Saber Emperor.

Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei were silently rejoicing in the Day Sea City. It was fortunate that they heeded Li Fuchen’s advice to put on a disguise. Otherwise, they would be easily exposed. During the past few days, they could feel that someone was searching for them and Li Fuchen in the Day Sea City. If they didn’t disguise themselves, they would have been easily found and wouldn’t be able to escape.


Eternal Reverence

Status: Completed

Pinnacle of martial, mountain shifting and sea filling, catching stars and seizing the moon, reverse the flow of time!

Extremity of the sword, one sword to form the dao, one sword to reach the immortals, one sword to break the laws!

The young Li Fuchen, chanced upon the Golden Talisman which allowed his spirit soul to constantly evolve. In this world where prodigies and experts were everywhere, he used the sword in his hand to ascend to the absolute pinnacle.

The world will decay one day, but my reverence shall be eternal.


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