Eternal Reverence Chapter 730

Chapter 730: Crossing Palms With a Demonic Beast Overlord

Apart from the practice of sword, Li Fuchen had been researching spiritual awareness secret techniques everyday.

With a saint spirit, his spiritual awareness was comparable with saints. If he didn’t make use of it fully, it would be too wasteful.

Therefore, he was planning to create an 8-star spiritual awareness offense secret technique.

Once he created an 8-star spiritual awareness offense secret technique, apart from a rare few, those below saints wouldn’t be able to block against his spiritual awareness attack.

When at the Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen already had plenty of inspirations after obtaining the spiritual awareness secret techniques. After arriving at the Flying Silver Island, because of the completed heaven and earth law, it was several times easier to comprehend and research.

Finally, four months after arriving at the Flying Silver Island, Li Fuchen took reference to many 7-star spiritual awareness secret techniques and created an 8-star spiritual awareness offense secret technique, Spirit Extinguishing Sword Shadow.

The Spirit Extinguishing Sword Shadow wasn’t simply a spiritual awareness offense secret technique, it also contained sword dao quintessence. It was considered a sword dao spiritual awareness secret technique and had extreme lethality.

Li Fuchen was confident that if the enemy didn’t cultivate any 8-star spiritual awareness defense secret technique, the enemy would instantly fall to his Spirit Extinguishing Sword Shadow.

Even if the enemy cultivated an 8-star spiritual awareness defense secret technique, their true spirit would still be severely injured.

Unless a 9-star spiritual awareness defense secret technique was cultivated, it was impossible to resist the Spirit Extinguishing Sword Shadow.

Right now, even if Li Fuchen didn’t rely on his body refinement strength and sword dao strength, his spiritual awareness was already enough for him to stand high. There was basically nobody that was a match for him under the saints.


“The mist has scattered. Senior, the mist has scattered.”

On this day, Gao Xiaofeng yelled out on the shore.

Li Fuchen glanced over and as expected, the concentrated and turbid Mist of Death was dispersing at a visible speed.

“Don’t be in a hurry first. Wait for it to disperse completely before we set off.”

Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

He had been trapped on the Flying Silver Island for over four months. He originally thought he would need to wait for another one or two years before he could head for the Saint Spirit Continent. He never expected for the mist to scatter so quickly.

Once the Mist of Death scattered, the sea looked to be sunny and the crystalline water was reflecting the sunlight.

“Come, let’s depart.”

Li Fuchen took out the high-grade silver airship and with a flash, he boarded the airship. Subsequently, Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei had also boarded the airship.


The high-grade silver airship turned into a silver light and flew into the depths of the sea.

The silver airship could be big or small, but in normal situations, bigger would naturally mean more comfort.

Li Fuchen’s high-grade silver airship was 100 meters in length, 20 meters in width. Let alone three, even three hundred individuals could fit in without feeling congested.

Furthermore, this wasn’t the limit yet. If Li Fuchen was willing, he could make the silver airship expand to 1000 meters in length and 200 meters in width. It would be easy to fit 10,000 passengers.

In the luxury dining hall of the ship, there were three individuals having a meal. Beside them was the transparent walls of the cabin.

Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei were obviously reserved. Without Li Fuchen, they would have to become bodyguards for the merchant group and would have to squeeze in with a few hundred or even a thousand individuals. They wouldn’t be able to enjoy such comfort.

“I will go and cultivate. Take your time and eat.”

Once they were at this cultivation realm, eating or not didn’t really matter. Having a meal was mainly to enjoy.

After finishing his meal, Li Fuchen returned to his cultivation room.

The cultivation room was at the aft of the airship. It was 30 meters in length, 20 meters in width, and 50 meters in height. It was the largest room in the silver airship.

The silver airship was like a giant silver bird that was soaring in the sky.


The sea water exploded, a fish-like sea beast that was a few hundred miles in size had leaped out and wanted to devour the silver airship.

This was a demonic beast ruler, and it was a high-tier ruler.


There was a rain of blood that covered a region of a few thousand miles.

Before the high-tier demonic beast ruler could even touch the silver airship, it had been turned into a mist of blood by the sword light covering the silver airship.

“Senior’s strength is truly heaven-shaking. I wonder what is his ranking on the Great Emperor Rankings?”

Gao Xiaofeng was envious and also curious.

He was envious because people at Li Fuchen’s level could go anywhere they wanted. Unlike them, who had to follow a merchant group in order to travel to the Saint Spirit Continent.

He was curious because he wanted to know what Li Fuchen’s ranking would be on the Great Emperor Rankings with his strength. As for the others that were ranked above him, how much more terrifying would it be?

Li Fuchen’s strength was deeply experienced by Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei along this journey.

Be it high-tier, peak-tier demonic beast rulers or great rulers, they were all unable to break through the sword intent outside the silver airship. The first two were immediately slain by the sword intent, while the great rulers were extremely powerful and were equivalent to human top-notch great emperors. Even the weakest were comparable with the Black Hatchet Great Emperor.

But everytime a demonic beast great ruler wanted to rip the sword intent, the sword light would radiate brightly. Once the sword light faded, the demonic beast great ruler would fall off while covered in blood.

Inside the cultivation room, Li Fuchen opened his eyes.

“Demonic beast great rulers are too powerful. Without relying on my body refinement strength and Void Heaven Sword World, it is too difficult to kill them in a single move.”

“But once I create the Primary Extreme Sword Art, I should be able to ignore demonic beast great rulers.”

The Primary Extreme Sword Art was a sword art corresponding with the Primary Extreme Sword Technique. The creation difficulty was extremely high. According to Li Fuchen’s vision, each sword move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art shouldn’t be inferior to the Void Heaven Sword World. It should be even stronger.

It was a pity that Li Fuchen had yet to even create the first move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art.


Time elapsed and in the blink of the eye, over a month had passed by.

Gao Xiaofeng reckoned that the silver airship had traveled across 30 million miles of sea.

If they flew for another three months, they would probably reach the Saint Spirit Continent.

“Yu Wei, once we reach the Saint Spirit Continent, we will choose a sect to join. In the future, we will not need to be homeless anymore.”

At the bow of the airship, Gao Xiaofeng said to Yu Wei while holding her hands.

Yu Wei nodded, “I shall listen to you.”

Her memory might be erased a little, but she had too many memories together with Gao Xiaofeng. Even if she forgot half of her memories, the remaining half was still enough for her to love Gao Xiaofeng.

“Human, get down.”

There was a palm that was over a hundred miles in size that suddenly broke out of the water and grabbed at the silver airship.

It was very obvious that this was a demonic beast half-overlord.

A regular demonic beast great ruler wouldn’t have such size.

The strength of a half-overlord was astounding. Back at the Emperor Sky Continent, due to the suppression from the continent willpower, the Void Swallow Octopus and Griffin could only exhibit a portion of their strength.

Right now, this half-overlord wasn’t suppressed at all and could utilize 100% of its strength.

If it was the Red Star Joss Chief, the Silver Spear Great Emperor or others, they wouldn’t be able to resist the attack at all.

“It just so happens that I can use you to experiment the power of the Spirit Extinguishing Sword Shadow.”

Inside the cultivation room, Li Fuchen’s forehead flashed with a radiance. A sword shadow passed through the silver airship and pierced downwards at the sea.


There was a mournful roar. Subsequently, the sea water exploded with a torrential wave. A horrifying power burst out and all of the nearby demonic beast kings and generals were all smashed into smithereens.There were some demonic beast rulers that couldn’t dodge in time and were sent flying while vomiting blood.

Gradually, the roars got softer and it was unknown if the demonic beast half-overlord was severely injured, dead, or immobilized.

“A half-overlord must not be wasted.”

Li Fuchen appeared on the roof of the silver airship and reached out to grab the corpse of the half-overlord.

“After killing my race’s half-overlord and still wish to take the corpse? In your dreams, hand over your life!”

A low voice exploded just like a thunderbolt. It immediately knocked out Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei who were on the silver airship.

“Demonic beast overlord!” Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted.

He didn’t think he would encounter a demonic beast overlord so quickly.

The Flying Silver Island was at least 100 million miles away from the Saint Spirit Continent. Along the way, there were certainly demonic beast overlords, but it was very rare for anyone to encounter one.

Firstly, a demonic beast overlord wouldn’t feel worth it to make a move.

Secondly, demonic beast overlords had an extremely long lifespan and were much longer than human saints. Most of the time, they would be in hibernation and nurturing their bloodline.

Thirdly, the demonic beasts and humans had an agreement. Those at the level of overlords and saints must not act rashly to prevent any racial war.

Due to all the various reasons, it was very rare for anyone to encounter demonic beast overlords.

Of course, most importantly, overlords weren’t everywhere and it wasn’t that easy to stumble into one.

The void had immense pressure. A scaled claw suddenly appeared in Li Fuchen’s vision and clawed at the silver airship.

“Not good.”

Li Fuchen was revolving his Hand of Star’s qi power frenziedly to counter with a palm strike.


The sea water caved in and there was a horrific explosion that could be heard clearly in over 100 thousand miles.

Li Fuchen and the silver airship were sent back by a few hundred miles.


Li Fuchen didn’t stay long and circulated his qi power to wrap the silver airship before escaping.

After a few breaths, a massive head emerged from the surface of the sea with serious eyes.

“He can actually withstand my claw. Who is that person? Could he be a top 10 ranker on the Great Emperor Rankings?’

He was a low-tier overlord and apart from the human saints, only top 10 rankers of the Great Emperor Rankings could contest with him.

“Forget it, since you can withstand a claw from me, I will let you off.”

He might be speaking like this, but he knew clearly that he couldn’t kill Li Fuchen within a short period of time. Otherwise, with his fierce nature, he wouldn’t let Li Fuchen off.


Tens of thousands of miles away…

“That is the strength of a demonic beast overlord?”

Earlier on, Li Fuchen had already used his full strength but still felt an overwhelming force blasting over, making his blood boil.

However, this had also proved how powerful the Hand of Star was.

The strength of an overlord and half-overlord was dozens of times different. If Li Fuchen was able to withstand a claw from the overlord and still be uninjured, it was enough to show the strength of the Hand of Star.

This was only the Hand of Star, if Li Fuchen cultivated the Hand of Moon or Hand of Sun, he would probably be able to suppress the demonic beast overlord.

After a short moment, Gao Xiaofeng and Yu Wei woke up.

“Senior, what happened earlier?”

Gao Xiaofeng only remembered there was a thunderous roar and he fainted.

Li Fuchen said, “Don’t worry, we are already far away from that sea region.”

Li Fuchen didn’t have to tell Gao Xiaofeng that he had just exchanged moves with a demonic beast overlord.

“Alright.” Gao Xiaofeng wasn’t a fool and knew that Li Fuchen didn’t wish to explain.

For the next period of time, there were no more problems as they approached the Saint Spirit Continent.


Eternal Reverence

Status: Completed

Pinnacle of martial, mountain shifting and sea filling, catching stars and seizing the moon, reverse the flow of time!

Extremity of the sword, one sword to form the dao, one sword to reach the immortals, one sword to break the laws!

The young Li Fuchen, chanced upon the Golden Talisman which allowed his spirit soul to constantly evolve. In this world where prodigies and experts were everywhere, he used the sword in his hand to ascend to the absolute pinnacle.

The world will decay one day, but my reverence shall be eternal.


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