Demon’S Diary Chapter 640

Chapter 640: Refined Earth Grade Elixir Again

“Uncle Li, I just want to see how senior fellow apprentices refine and learn along the way.” Tian Jing blinked and stuck her tongue out.

Obviously, she was very familiar with Elder Li.

“You little girl is obviously not very talented in alchemy, but you just like this. Forget it, stay aside and don’t interrupt other people’s assessment. Okay? There are disciples from another peak coming today. I haven’t seen this for a long time. Which peak are you from?” After the middle-aged man reprimanded the girl a few words, he finally found Liu Ming, a non-Spirit Cauldron Peak disciple, and asked in surprise immediately.

“Disciple Liu Ming from the Fallen Serene Peak. Greetings to Master’s Junior!” Seeing this, Liu Ming stepped forward and said respectfully.

“You’re also a Fallen Serene Peak disciple. Forget it, no matter who you are, everything must follow the rules.” Elder Li was a little surprised at first, but he immediately said unceremoniously.

Liu Ming naturally had no objection.

“Since there is the disciple from another peak participating in this alchemist assessment, then I will explain the specific rules again. There are many alchemy rooms here. You can choose one at will. The time limit is 3 days, but you can only refine 1 furnace. I will assess based on your success rate and elixir quality to decide whether you can the alchemist qualification. Normal quality elixir will grant the alchemist qualification. If you can refine a flawless grade elixir, you can get the master alchemist qualification. If you understand, then go in.” After Elder Li explained to them, he sat on the wood chair by the side.

After that, several disciples of Spirit Cauldron Peak immediately responded and went to pick their own alchemy room.

Liu Ming also followed up and chose a room at the end of the hall.

As soon as he walked into the alchemy room, he discovered the special thing about this place.

The 100 square meter area walls of the alchemy room were inscribed with strange faint blue spirit patterns, lighting up the entire room.

At the center of the pill room, there was a 20 meters tall black cauldron, and a red array emitting heat.

Liu Ming made a gesture at the array, and rolling flames came out instantly from the array.

He took out a storage talisman and squeezed it. Numerous containers, bottles, and wooden boxes appeared from it.

Liu Ming selected a golden yuan beast’s essence core of the Condensation Period intermediate stage and some other auxiliary materials, then he immediately began to refine.

He was already very proficient in refining the golden yuan pill. Although the quality of the golden yuan pill refined from the golden yuan beast’s essence core of the Condensation Period intermediate stage was mediocre, the success rate was extremely high.

Liu Ming only needed to get the normal alchemist qualification, so he didn’t have to use the better golden yuan beast’s essence core.

So he launched a symbol at the black cauldron. After a faint flash of black light, the cauldron cover slowly opened.

Liu Ming patted the ground with one hand, and a breeze brought the golden yuan beast’s essence core and other materials into the cauldron. After launching another symbol, the cauldron cover was slowly closed again.

After he finished all of this, he launched another 3 symbols at the array below. changed his gesture again. Rolling crimson flames rolled up instantly.

At this time, Liu Ming nodded in satisfaction, he sat down on a yellow wooden chair and waited quietly.

After a day and night, Liu Ming was still quietly waited in front of the black cauldron in the alchemy room.

This golden yuan pill took a little longer than refining the cold condensing pill, but with his proficiency and the extraordinary flame of this cauldron, the pill was almost done.

A soft “pop” sounded from the black cauldron.

As Liu Ming looked up, golden lights shot out from the cauldron cover. The cauldron cover also trembled slightly.

Seeing this situation, he couldn’t help but whisper softly in surprise. He hurriedly played a few more symbols at the array.

After the fire under the cauldron weakened, the cauldron cover only stopped trembling.

Liu Ming looked a little weird.

Such a scene only happened when he refined the flawless grade golden yuan pill. Could it be…

Liu Ming’s mind turned quickly. After launching a series of symbols into the cauldron, he suddenly jumped up, flicked his sleeves, and opened the cauldron cover slowly.

Suddenly, a golden light was released in the alchemy room.

Inside the black cauldron, there were 5 golden elixirs, and 1 of them was a bit more golden than the other 4.

Liu Ming grabbed in the air, and the golden yuan pills flew into his hand with a whistling sound. Among them, 4 elixir patterns were clearly visible on the golden yuan pill that shone brighter. It was actually an earth grade golden yuan pill. Among the 4, 2 also reached the flawless grade level.

At the same time, outside the alchemy room, the man in a gray robe sitting cross-legged, saw a green light bursting out from a certain position of the square disk array. After being shocked, he immediately instructed the deputy disciple next to him.

“Go and see, which of your senior fellow apprentices is at the end of the alchemy room. His elixir is done. With such a big reaction, it seems that the quality isn’t common…”

“I will go now.” The Spirit Cauldron Peak’s deputy disciple was startled when he heard the words, but he immediately responded respectfully and walked toward the alchemy room.

At this time, Liu Ming was looking at the earth grade golden yuan pill with a wry smile. Using the Condensation Period intermediate stage golden yuan beast’s essence core to get the earth grade elixir, this was really the first time.

As soon as the door of the alchemy room opened, the deputy disciple appeared and said without thinking,

“Senior fellow apprentice, Elder Li let me…”

The moment this disciple entered the alchemy room, he found that it was not a disciple of the Spirit Cauldron Peak, but Liu Ming in a black robe. He was astounded and could no longer speak.

Liu Ming frowned slightly while holding the elixirs in his hand. When he was thinking about how to answer, Elder Li also appeared silently behind the deputy disciple.

“It’s you,” When Elder Li saw Liu Ming, he was slightly surprised. Then, he asked.

“Greetings to Master’s Junior.” Liu Ming replied respectfully.

“The fluctuation of your elixirs is extraordinary. Show them to me.” After the man in a gray robe calmed down, he asked while looking at the elixirs in Liu Ming’s hand.

In front of Real Pellet State’s alchemy master, how could Liu Ming dare to have a second thought? He nodded and handed the 5 golden elixirs in his hand honestly.

“Golden yuan pill! There are actually 5 in 1 furnace. Wait, this one…” The man in a gray robe looked clearly and blurted.

When he took a closer look at the earth grade elixir, he suddenly showed a surprised expression.

“There is actually an earth grade elixir. I thought it was just a pellet grade elixir.” When the man in a gray robe looked at Liu Ming again, there was a touch of excitement.

“Uncle Li, did you say that Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu actually refine an earth grade elixir?” Tian Jing came to the door. After hearing the word “earth grade”, her 2 big eyes suddenly widened. She hurriedly leaned forward.

The deputy disciple next to him was even more stunned.

Liu Ming naturally understood why the 2 of them reacted this way. After all, there were many people who refined Condensation State elixir, but not many of them could refine Condensation State earth grade elixir, and it was even the golden yuan pill that was very practical and difficult to refine. Even if in the Spirit Cauldron Peak that focused on alchemy, there were definitely not many.

“Master’s Junior Li, may I know if I have passed the assessment?” Liu Ming asked with a bow.

“Since you are able to refine the earth grade elixir, you have passed it naturally. You come with me first.” The shock on Elder Li’s face finally disappeared, and he beckoned Liu Ming to follow him.

So the 2 left the alchemy room and walked to the 4th floor, leaving Tian Jing and the deputy disciple staring at each other speechlessly.

However, after the girl was shocked, her eyes turned slightly, and she suddenly showed a sly look.

It didn’t take long for the news that a disciple who was not from the Spirit Cauldron Peak refined an earth grade elixir to spread throughout the peak.

In a room on the 4th floor.

A silver light flashed into Liu Ming’s identity token,

After the token trembled, a faint silver glow appeared on the surface, and a silver cauldron pattern appeared in one corner.

“Okay, I have given you the alchemist qualification.” The man in a gray robe said with a smile on his face after putting away the silver brush pen in his hand.

“Thank you, Master’s Junior.” Liu Ming took the token with a respectful expression and put it back to his waist.

“Liu Ming, have you ever considered switching to our Spirit Cauldron Peak. Based on your current knowledge in alchemy, if you can continue to stay at Spirit Cauldron Peak, you will surely become an alchemy master. Besides, we have the resources of Spirit Cauldron Peak. Compared with Fallen Serene Peak, it is much better. If you switch to our peak, there will be absolutely no harm to you.” The man in a gray robe looked at Liu Ming and said.

“Thank you for your kindness, Master’s Junior. But I have recently been accepted as Master Yin Jiuling’s direct disciple. I’m afraid it will be inconvenient for me to switch to another peak.” Liu Ming replied with a respectful face.

When the man in a gray robe heard the name “Yin Jiuling”, his face changed slightly. He immediately calmed down again. He took out a jade talisman from his sleeve, gave it to Liu Ming and said with some regret,

“Since you have been accepted as a direct disciple by Senior Fellow Apprentice Yin, I will no longer push you. But you can refine earth grade elixir at such a young age. If you can’t go further in the way of alchemy, it is too pity. How about this. These are some of my alchemy experiences. You take it back and read it carefully. I hope that it will give you some help in your alchemy. Remember, this experience must not be seen by a second person, otherwise I will not forgive you.”

“Thank you Master’s Junior for your guidance. I will read it carefully after going back; I will not show it to another person.” Liu Ming was dumbfounded when he heard the words, but he immediately bowed and paid his respect again.

He tried so hard to lay low, but ops…


Demon’S Diary

Status: Completed

Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand, two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

What will happen?


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