Demon’S Diary Chapter 639

Chapter 639: Alchemist Qualification

Afterward, Liu Ming opened the bottle containing the qiongyu liquid and poured all the white gelatinous liquid into the spiritual beast bag. Suddenly, an aura full of vitality filled the bag.

Although the bean-sized eyes of the little octopus still looked a little spiritless, it instinctively started to suck the qiongyu liquid.

Seeing this, Liu Ming flashed a hint of satisfaction in his eyes. Once again, he put the spiritual beast bag into the Sumeru Ring.

After doing all this, he left the cave house and flew toward the sect market.

After advancing to the Crystallization Period, Liu Ming’s speed was naturally faster than before. After a dozen minutes, he came to the crowded sect market.

But after half a day, Liu Ming walked out from the exit on the side of the market with a disappointed look.

It turned out that he almost searched all the elixir shops and the shops selling ancient books in the market, but he did not find the elixir recipe that met his requirements. During this period, he had inquired that the elixir recipe above the Crystallization Period was very scarce, so it was generally not sold in the sect market. He could only exchange with contribution points at the Scriptures Pavilion or try his luck in other markets.

When Liu Ming traveled outside, he also found out that there were very few elixir recipes above the Crystallization Period level in the outside market. They generally appeared at some auctions, and most of them weren’t practical. The materials needed were rare and hard to find.

As a result, he could only try his luck at the Scriptures Pavilion to see if he could find a suitable recipe.

As Liu Ming had already made a decision, he immediately flew toward the Scriptures Pavilion in a black cloud.

Soon after, in the Scriptures Pavilion, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged in front of a black wooden frame that displayed elixir recipes. He put one after another jade talisman containing elixir recipe on his forehead, carefully reading.

About 2 hours later, Liu Ming finally chose yun spirit pill that could increase spiritual power. It even cost 100,000 contribution points, but when he decided to exchange for this elixir recipe. With his identity token, the contribution points could not be deducted, and the enchantment on the elixir recipe couldn’t be unlocked.

He immediately stood up in surprise. He returned to the 1st floor of the Scriptures Pavilion and asked the deputy disciple whom he had talked to before.

“Brother Lu, I want to exchange for the recipe of the yun spirit pill, but I can’t unlock its enchantment. Can senior tell me why?” Liu Ming asked the fat deputy disciple with a fist.

“Brother Liu, you should change your word. Although I started earlier than you, now you have advanced to the Crystallization Period, you don’t need to call me senior anymore. I really don’t deserve this title. As for this recipe… does Brother Liu has the alchemist identity recognized by the sect?” The fat deputy disciple said with a polite expression.

“The alchemist identity recognized by the sect? Can you tell me more about it!” Liu Ming was surprised to hear it.

“The elixir recipe above the Crystallization Period can only be exchanged with contribution points by someone who has the inner disciple identity and the alchemist identity. If Brother Liu really wants to exchange this elixir, I’m afraid you have to go to the Spirit Cauldron Peak to be recognized as an alchemist.” The fat deputy disciple explained.

Regarding the Spirit Cauldron Peak, Liu Ming had seen the introduction when he chose inner door peak to join after passing the Void Spirit Tower’s 36th floor.

This peak was the only peak in Taiqing Sect that only focused on refining elixir. Most of the alchemists of the Taiqing Sect originated from this peak. At the same time, most of the elixir in the sect also came from this peak. Therefore, the cultivation of the disciples of this peak might not be significant in the sect, but their status was very special.

“Doest Brother Lu how to be recognized as an alchemist?” Liu Ming asked with a look of realization.

“As for how to be recognized, I really don’t know much. But Brother Liu can go to the Spirit Cauldron Peak to inquire about it.” The fat deputy disciple said with a smile.

“Thank you Brother Lu for telling me that Liu has important things to do, so I’ll leave first.” After Liu Ming’s thoughts turned, he nodded to the fat disciple, and then strode away from the Scriptures Pavilion.

When he walked to the door and checked the Thousands Spirit Mountain map, he flew straight toward the Spirit Cauldron Peak on a black cloud.

Half an hour later, on a cloud-filled emerald green mountain peak, a black cloud flashed from a distance, and Liu Ming jumped down from the black cloud.

This Spirit Cauldron Peak was quite peculiar. From a distance, an emerald green cauldron could be seen. The top of the mountain is a large and spacious flat ground, and it was surrounded by a few boulders.

In the middle of the flat ground, there are several halls of varying sizes. On one of the most magnificent halls, the golden words “Spirit Cauldron Hall” could be seen.

Behind the main hall was a spire-shaped building, which was where the alchemy room was located. It was also the place to get the alchemist qualification.

After taking a rough look at the surrounding environment, Liu Ming walked toward the spire right away.

After explaining his intention to the deputy disciple at the door and revealing the identity of the inner disciple of Fallen Seren Peak, he entered the 1st floor of the spire.

The 1st floor of this building was a fairly spacious hall. As soon as Liu Ming stepped into it, he found that it was densely packed with more than 20 people.

Seeing Liu Ming coming in, a short young man dressed in the costume of a Spirit Cauldron Peak’s disciple greeted him.

“Senior fellow apprentice, are you here to retrieve elixir for your peak master or elder?” The short young man seemed to sense the Crystallization Period aura on Liu Ming, and he spoke with a quite respectful tone.

“I’m here for the alchemist qualification, is it this place?” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and asked with a straight face.

“Oh, so senior fellow apprentice is here to get the alchemist qualification. Our peak will hold an assessment ceremony to identify alchemists once a month. Senior fellow apprentice came at the right time as there will be one in 3 days. Senior fellow apprentice only needs to register here. By the time, you can go directly to the alchemy room on the 3rd floor at that time. Our elders will personally conduct the assessment on the spot.” The short young man understood, took out a jade slip and said so.

‘Can junior fellow apprentice tell me how to pass the assessment?” After Liu Ming heard that, he passed his token to the deputy disciple, then he asked casually.

“Senior fellow apprentice needs to bring your own alchemy materials and refine a pot of Condensation Period elixir on the spot. Our elders judge based on your success rate and elixir quality. Generally, if your success rate is higher than 60%, then can basically pass the assessment.” The short man took Liu Ming’s token and shook it slightly on the jade slip in his hand. After he returned the token to Liu Ming, he told what he knew to Liu Ming.

“Thank you junior fellow apprentice for the information.”

Liu Ming still had quite some materials left for refining the golden yuan pill in the storage talisman. After thanking, he left the spire.

3 days later, the 3rd floor of the Spirit Cauldron Peak.

Liu Ming arrived in time. In the spacious hall at this moment, there were already several disciples who seemed to have come to get the alchemist qualification like him.

But except for a 17 years old girl with a sweet appearance but a weird manner, the others were all wearing the Spirit Cauldron Peak costumes.

Liu Ming’s sudden entry seemed to have attracted the attention of several people present. Among the disciples of the Spirit Cauldron Peak, a rough young man with a round face and big nose raised his head and walked toward Liu Ming.

“I’m Sun Xing from the Spirit Cauldron Peak, may I know how to address senior fellow apprentice.” The young man with a round face cupped his fist.

“Fallen Serene Peak, Liu Ming.” Liu Ming also cupped his fist and replied calmly.

“The name Liu Ming is so familiar… is Brother Liu the one who recently advanced to the Crystallization Period with Three Spiritual Pulse?” The young man with a round face was startled hearing the name.

“Hehe, if Fallen Serene Peak doesn’t have a second disciple named Liu Ming, then it’s me.” Liu Ming smiled slightly.

The young man with a round face said “sorry” repeatedly, and the other people naturally looked over with surprise.

“Hi, my name is Tian Jing, and I’m also a disciple of Fallen Serene Peak. So you’re Liu Ming, a new peak of our peak who has just advanced. I heard many rumors about you recently. Even my old man has mentioned you in front of me a few times…” After hearing Liu Ming’s name, the girl with a weird manner blinked a few times. She suddenly walked over and said with a smile.

“Tian Jing? Are you the granddaughter of Elder Tian?” When Liu Ming heard the girl’s words, he suddenly realized it after taking a few more looks at her.

“Yes, if my grandfather doesn’t have a 2nd granddaughter, it would probably be me.” The girl actually replied in Liu Ming’s previous tone, but her eyes turned into crescent moons with a smile.

After a quarter of an hour, Liu Ming got acquainted with Junior Sister Tian. Although this girl was quite young, she was already at the Condensation Period intermediate stage, and she had an Earth Spiritual Root. In addition, Elder Tian spared no resources in training her as much as he could. She would probably advance to the Crystallization Period in the future.

However, Tian Jing had been fond of alchemy since she was a child for some reason, but her aptitude was quite average. She had attended the alchemist qualification assessment on the Spirit Cauldron Peak about 8 eight times, but she had never succeeded.

This caused the girl to complain to Liu Ming about the stubborn nature of the Spirit Cauldron Peak’s elder and her subpar performance.

Maybe it was because Liu Ming came to get the alchemist qualification too, so she seemed to be interested in Liu Ming. She kept asking about the major competition he won and how he passed the Void Spirit Tower’s 36th floor. She kept chattering next to Liu Ming like an oriole.

Liu Ming felt helpless, but he could only answer each of her questions.

Fortunately, after 10 minutes, a middle-aged man in a gray robe walked in from outside.

“Greetings to Elder Li.” Seeing this, several disciples of the Spirit Cauldron Peak stood up and saluted him respectfully.

Liu Ming and the disciple from the other peak also stood up and saluted.

“Are you all here to participate in the alchemist qualification assessment? Tian Jing, why are you here again?” After the middle-aged man looked at everyone, he set his gaze at the girl and asked with a frown.

Hmmm, if he gets the alchemist qualification, no one will not know about him🤔. Will he purposely make the success rate of refining pill to be exactly 60% so as to not attract more attention?


Demon’S Diary

Status: Completed

Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand, two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because the young master that they were supposed to protect had died.

What will happen?


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