Astral Pet Store Chapter 707

Chapter 707: Lord of Bones

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“Wow! The toad is flying!”

“Humph. I can easily blow up those two pieces of garbage!”

“It’s better to be more cautious. I think we should stand by and observe the battle first…”

“Shut up, you’re so annoying!”

“That Ji guy is getting more and more handsome. My mouth is drooling…”

The seven heads of Seven Sins were all exclaiming, and the golden one with horns in the center roared, “All of you, shut up! Don’t you see how dangerous it is? We would’ve defeated the Heavenly King of Good and Evil if you were more obedient. Why, we could have even reached a higher level!”

The rest of the heads fell silent, not daring to utter another syllable.

“Finish him!”

The head with horns roared and turned the rocks on the ground into multiple gigantic hands that aimed to grab Ji Yuanfeng in the sky.

On the other hand, Su Ping had been caught in the beast tide with the Little Skeleton, the Inferno Dragon and the others. He released all kinds of skills while choosing not to merge with the Little Skeleton, as there were too many beasts; it would be quicker if they killed them while fighting as individuals.

Also, the Fate State enemies in the beast tide were busy dealing with Ji Yuanfeng, so Su Ping didn’t need to worry about a possible ambush. He didn’t rely on the Little Skeleton’s protection anymore.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Ping dashed amidst the beasts with blood splashing out, causing tremendous casualties.

Not too far from them, the Deputy Chief was also on a rampage with his battle pets going after the wild beasts.

Ye Wuxiu and the other legendary warriors were right behind him. Together, they managed to block and even crush the magnificent beast tide. All the wild beasts were fleeing and bleeding!

The massacre made everybody behind the defense lines feel excited.

As time went by, more and more corpses were left in the beast tide, which was cut apart into multiple sections; some beasts were already running away.

Those at the command center knew that the south had been secured. If the wild beasts fighting in the south were all there was, that would mean that they were winning the battle!


More beast tides were about to arrive in the other three directions!

When the situation in the south was stabilized, they quickly shifted their attention to the north and the east, where beasts as plentiful as those in the south were approaching.

“What do we do? The beast tide in the north is about to arrive. There are three Fate State wild beasts in it!”

“It’s impossible to send the other legendary warriors to suppress them.”

The advisors’ mood quickly changed, as their hard-earned hope from the south was being destroyed by reality.

Based on the battle against the humanoid beast, they were able to ascertain that common legendary warriors were no different from the titled warriors in front of a Fate State beast king.

The Fate State enemies had to be finished by Fate State warriors!

However, there were only four Fate State legendary warriors on the human side.

So, each of them had to defend one direction. Even Gu Siping had to take action!

“I’ll take care of the north. Give the east side to Brother Su, and the west side to the Deputy Chief,” a solemn Gu Siping said while sitting on his chair with arms crossed.

The advisors looked at them but didn’t say anything. They knew that they didn’t have a choice.

There were no more Fate State legendary warriors!

“Wait, the wild beasts in the north seem to have stopped.”

“Huh? So have those in the east!”

“Those in the west did the same…”

Suddenly, the advisors noticed something was off. The beast tides in the other directions stopped and didn’t press further.

“Ask the sentinels to send videos!”

“Don’t forget the east side!”

The advisors quickly gave commands.

Soon, a few video clips were delivered to them and were opened, one by one.

The videos were shot by the monitoring eagles. Others were shot from the sentinel stations on the ground.

It could be seen that a swarm of beasts stopped in front of the cameras and stopped moving, as if taking a rest!

Not just the north, the east and the west sides were the same!

The beast tides in all three directions had halted when they were only ten minutes away from the defense lines. They would enter the ambush area in another five minutes.

“What’s going on? What are they waiting for? Have they learned about the south? No, they would have been attacking more fervently if that were the case…”

An advisor was surprised and suspicious.

Weren’t the beasts acting as onlookers if they stopped?

If they charged immediately, they would ease the pressure on the beasts in the south and give them a chance to catch their breath. Still, they surprisingly decided to stop.

Was there any kind of conflict among those beasts?

Everybody was surprised, not knowing what the beasts were doing.

Gu Siping was as perplexed as everybody else, but he had a strange sense of foreboding.

“Send someone to look for the beast kings leading the beast tides!” ordered Gu Siping.

The advisors became frightened when they realized what Gu Siping meant.

If the beast kings in all the beast tides went and reinforced the south, the south would become the most horrifying point at this moment!

“Send the titled warriors there. They must figure out where the beast kings are even if they have to sacrifice themselves!” shouted an advisor while he contacted the soldiers.

While an urgent investigation was conducted, Su Ping and the others who were fighting the beast tide in the south heard a roar. Then, they saw that something was thrown back from the sky close to the beast tide’s rear, leaving a ravine almost a hundred meters long.

Su Ping was quite shocked to find that such a thing turned out to be Ji Yuanfeng!

Ji Yuanfeng looked quite awful at the moment. His wings had lost most of their feathers and his white robe was torn apart, revealing the glittering armor underneath.


On the other side, a wide-eyed Deputy Chief also saw this happen.

Ji Yuanfeng, who was omnipotent in his eyes, was defeated?

“They had reinforcements…”

Ji Yuanfeng rose to his feet. He looked at Su Ping and the Deputy Chief, with no more casualness; only determination remained on his face.

Su Ping was about to talk, when he sensed something and narrowed his eyes.




All the mediocre beasts at the rear stopped fleeing and kneeled in fright. Even the ninth-rank wild beasts that lived in the Corridor also ducked their heads and lowered their bodies, too scared to move.

Intense noises echoed, so loudly that the people behind the defense lines could hear them.

The water in the cups on the desk was rippling!

“One, two, three… seven, eight…”

Not too far off, the Deputy Chief’s eyes were widened with shock. He mumbled until he couldn’t say anything else.

Altogether ten enemies with a Fate State air were approaching them!

The number was more than three times larger than that of the Fate State wild beasts they had detected earlier!

Su Ping was just as stunned. He knew that every beast tide in the other directions was led by two or three Fate State wild beasts. Are all of them here?

“There are three peak Fate State wild beasts, and an old fried…” Ji Yuanfeng took a straight and solemn stance, since the “old friend” alone gave him great pressure.

That old friend was the Heavenly King of Good and Evil, the leader of the four Heavenly Kings whom he had fought and couldn’t defeat!

“Ji Yuanfeng, you’ve been training too slowly…” A weird voice rumbled throughout the battlefield.

The voice was weird because it sounded genderless and ageless. It seemed that every syllable was transforming into the voices of different ages and genders.

Ji Yuanfeng gloomily replied, “Come and figure out if I’m too slow. That is, if you dare.”

“I will, after I stomp on you. It was a shame that I didn’t eat you earlier. I can finally enjoy myself today!” The weird voice was erratic and indifferent.

Ji Yuanfeng was grimly silent.

He wouldn’t have been on edge if the Heavenly King of Good and Evil had shown up on its own. However, the enemy was being supported by two peak Fate State allies, whereas he only had Su Ping and his disciple.

To make matters worse, there were seven Fate State enemies apart from those three!

Seven Sins—who was in the advanced phase of the Fate State—was among the seven Fate State enemies.

“Is the Ocean Sovereign here?” asked Su Ping with a casual tone, while he looked at the gigantic wild beasts that were getting closer.

He had heard that the Ocean Sovereign who ruled over the wild beasts in all the oceans was even more horrifying than the Heavenly King of Good and Evil. He was at the border of the Fate State, inching ever closer to the Star State.

Ji Yuanfeng’s pupils were slightly contracted, before he slowly replied a few seconds later, “No.”

Su Ping’s expression changed a bit. The enemies’ roster was horrifying enough as it was, and the Ocean Sovereign was not even among them?

He picked up his phone and quickly contacted Gu Siping. “Did the Beast Kings from the other directions gather here?”

After a brief silence, Gu Siping finally replied, “Not yet…” His voice was quavering.

This time, Gu Siping was truly panicked.

According to an urgent investigation, the Fate State beast kings in the other directions were still there!

It meant that the Fate State Beast Kings in the south were all the wild beasts that had never shown up from the Deep Caves’ army. The Ocean Sovereign, the overlord of the seas, was still lurking in the dark, too!

How overwhelming were their enemies?

Twenty Beast Kings had already appeared, which was beyond Gu Siping’s calculations. Since the Ocean Sovereign was still hiding, he had no doubt that more beast kings had yet to be revealed!

It was more than what Gu Siping could take.


The phone was hung up.

Su Ping took a deep breath. He had seen this coming.

He had seen eight Fate State wild beasts on his last visit to the Corridor, even though it was already empty.

There was no telling if those eight Fate State wild beasts had gotten out. If they didn’t, Su Ping was still unsure about whether to feel lucky or sad.

“We have to fight,” said Su Ping gravely.

Both Ji Yuanfeng and the Deputy Chief were slightly surprised by Su Ping’s resolve. They didn’t expect him to be as determined to fight when faced with that many enemies.

They had heard Su Ping and Gu Siping’s communication.

The situation was truly devastating.

There were too many Fate State wild beasts from the Deep Caves and the ocean!

They were reminded again of how human beings had been struggling to survive on the Blue Planet for a thousand years.

Humans had built up one base city after another and commissioned settlers to explore the wilderness and hunt wild beasts. They weren’t the masters of that continent, only the survivors.

They had persisted that long because of the Ocean Sovereign’s non-invasion pact with the first-generation Tower Master, and because the four Heavenly Kings often fought each other and rarely attacked humans.

After all, humans weren’t exactly more appetizing than other wild beasts, and it wasn’t easy to eat them!

At that moment, the wild beasts from the ocean and the Deep Caves that had grown and multiplied in a thousand years were merged. Their joint beast tide would drown the entire Blue Planet!

Human beings were like a tiny boat on the tide. Even the smallest wave could shatter it into pieces!

Su Ping heard something and turned his head, only to find that the Deputy Chief was shaking.

A Fate State expert was trembling with fear!

Su Ping was quite serious, but at the moment he didn’t despise the man he had always loathed, because he would have felt desperate too in such a situation if he didn’t have a system store to rely on.

It was all thanks to the system… He wasn’t devastated yet, and he was still able to think clearly.

Actually, there was very little he could think about. Any trick was futile in front of absolute strength. The only thing he could do was to fight!

“They… They are all…”

“How is it possible? Are all the Fate State enemies from the other directions here?”

Far in the distance, Ye Wuxiu and the others who were fighting in the beast tide looked at the Fate State wild beasts, which were as massive as mountains. They became more and more desperate as the wild beasts got closer. Even veterans like Ye Wuxiu were stupefied.

They had heard the number of beast kings detected, but seeing that many of them gathering with their very own eyes was much more shocking!


A man rushed closer from a distance. He wore a golden armor and held a long spear. He was none other than Gu Siping.

With everything coming to that point, he could no longer stay in the command center.

So many Fate State enemies had shown up. If he didn’t get out to fight, it would be impossible for Su Ping and Ji Yuanfeng to resist their attacks. If either of them was killed, the other would have to endure a much greater pressure.

If everyone fell, the entire defense line would easily be shattered by the Fate State enemies. Given such a scenario, the only surviving fish behind it would be Gu Siping who would soon end up in pieces, too!

Therefore, he had to run immediately or fight!

After considering the pros and cons, he chose the latter.

After all, he didn’t know where he could run to, and he intended to fight for a while longer. Maybe there would be a miracle!


Su Ping was slightly surprised to see Gu Siping. He couldn’t help but respect the man for choosing not to run away from such a great danger.

Ji Yuanfeng looked at him and said in a low voice, “Leave the Heavenly King of Good and Evil to me. Of the other two peak enemies, take care of one of them and I’ll deal with the other one.”

Several vortexes appeared on his back as he talked, and a horrifying air was spread out. Four Fate State battle pets, all in the advanced phase, walked out in sequence!

They were Ji Yuanfeng’s trump cards.

Gu Siping was slightly shocked to see the Fate State battle pets. Then, he forced himself to act normal and nod. “No problem.”

“You two… have to take care of the other Fate State enemies. Just keep them occupied.” Ji Yuanfeng looked at Su Ping and his disciple with worry. After all, the seven Fate State wild beasts weren’t easy to deal with, and it was too hard for Su Ping and his disciple to hold them back.

However, with everything coming to that point, Ji Yuanfeng didn’t have a choice.

After all, he was no longer able to help them.

The Deputy Chief’s expression changed subtly and he opened his mouth, but he didn’t say anything.

He didn’t have a choice in such a situation, and there were no options.

He had to either run, or fight!

He lowered his head in silence with flashing eyes.

Su Ping, who had been silent all this time, suddenly said, “You can take care of the other seven. Leave these three to me.”

All his companions were stumped by what he said.

Su Ping raised his head with determination. He didn’t explain anything as he simply sent a telepathic thought. Immediately after, a streak of light came from the distance and entered his body.

Cracking noises echoed, and the heavy, awe-inspiring vibe of a king emanated from Su Ping.

White bones grew and covered his body, even his cheeks. He became much taller than before, and he emitted a grim aura of violence.

Ji Yuanfeng was quite shocked after sensing the energy waves radiated by Su Ping.


Astral Pet Store

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What’s not to love about my new life after transmigrating into a Pet-centered world?

There are mighty creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be cuddly companions, helpers in your daily life, daring scouts or strong fighters. Or all of the above. Not bad, huh?

I have a family, but the fact is completely overshadowed by my younger sister. She thoroughly hates my guts, and she makes sure that I know this. Every. Single. Day.

Did I mention that she’s disgustingly talented while I am a bottom feeder? A terribly handsome one at that.

I have free rein to run the family business on my own. A small and quaint Pet Store. It should have been great if not for the fact that the previous owner of this body was born with ZERO affinity to handle Astral Pets…

It wouldn’t be a proper transmigration without a gimmick or a system to pave my road to greatness, don’t you think? I have one, but I don’t know if I would be better off without it…


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