Archean Eon Art Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Arriving in Time

Marquis West Sea’s face was pale as he looked at his surroundings. Marquis Purple Rain lay dead on the ground. The area around him was in ruins, and a large number of mortals had died from the shockwaves.

Many Godfiends died in this war. It’s finally my turn today. Marquis West Sea had just exchanged blows with the fifth Firmament demon monarch and knew the difference in strength between them! In a one-on-one battle, he would lose his life in a few moves.

“You have only cultivated for 100 years.” The azure-scaled demon monarch chuckled and said, “In the future, you can become stronger. As long as you consume this demon core, you will still remain as Marquis West Sea to the humans. The humans will have no idea of your betrayal. You will still be able to bask in glory. However, you will have to do something for the demons. When you humans are defeated in the future, you will lead your family clan to pledge allegiance to the demons; thus, enjoying wealth and power.

“In this world, as long as you treat yourself and your family clan well, isn’t that enough?” said the azure-scaled demon monarch as he smiled. “There’s a saying among you humans. Heaven destroys those who don’t look out for themselves!”

The azure-scaled demon monarch tried to persuade Marquis West Sea. A dead Marquis West Sea was worth limited credit. If Marquis West Sea submitted to the demons and became a spy in the human camp, it would be much better for the demons. He would earn many more credits than if he killed Marquis West Sea.

Marquis West Sea looked at the azure-scaled demon monarch. “Do it.”

“I don’t understand. Isn’t it only right to bow your heads to the strong?” The azure-scaled demon monarch was puzzled. “We demons are much stronger than you humans. Why don’t you bow your heads?”

“Bow our heads?” Marquis West Sea looked at the azure-scaled demon monarch, laughed, and said, “It’s too stifling and frustrating to be a dog for the demons! As a Godfiend of this world, I will be upright and steadfast. I will not shame the heavens or the earth. How can I be a lackey for the demons?”

“Just because it’s stifling and frustrating?” said the azure scaled demon monarch in surprise.

“Just thinking about such a fate makes me unhappy,” said Marquis West Sea as he smiled. “It’s already been 30 seconds. Don’t waste your efforts.” Marquis West Sea was already prepared to die. Death was inevitable since time immemorial. It was just a matter of when one would die.

At that moment, Marquis West Sea recalled his life. He was born in a Regis Godfiend family—the Yan family. He had been diligent and talented since he was young. He loved his wife greatly. Although his son, Yan Chitong, was more unruly than his father, his cultivation speed was faster than his father’s.

My dear wife, pardon me for being unable to accompany you any further.

“Thirty seconds are up. What a pity.” The azure-scaled demon monarch shook his head gently as his figure suddenly moved.

Marquis West Sea’s eyelids twitched as madness appeared in his eyes. Although he was prepared to die, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t resist! Instantly, he cast a forbidden Godfiend spell and used his sword arts to attack the incoming azure-scaled demon monarch.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The azure-scaled demon monarch only used his right claw to block the attacks. Every single nail on his right claw was extremely sharp. He easily parried the sword beam when he gently tapped on it.

He completely crushed Marquis West Sea in all aspects, be it strength, speed, or realm.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Marquis West Sea instantly split into seven.

The azure-scaled demon monarch also moved. He kept staring at Marquis West Sea’s true body, easily fending off his attacks.

I will die, but we humans will definitely win this war. Marquis West Sea turned increasingly deranged. Huh? The azure-scaled demon monarch’s expression changed slightly as he noticed something a distance away in the corner of his eyes. An expert had entered his domain and was charging over.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The void distorted and collapsed. A saber beam flew out from the distorted void, instantly arriving before the azure-scaled demon monarch.

Fast! It was inconceivably fast!

Meng Chuan specialized in swift saber arts; thus, his saber beams were naturally fast. Coupled with his divine power distorting the void, the saber beam could be said to have teleported in front of the azure-scaled demon monarch. A dark-red saber came closer to him. The azure-scaled demon monarch was a fifth Firmament demon monarch. Since he had reached the Dharma Domain realm, he was extremely sensitive to attacks. The saber caused black cracks to appear in the world, making his heart tighten.

The azure-scaled demon monarch moved his right claw—which had been approaching Marquis West Sea—to meet the stunning saber beam. The azure-scaled demon monarch’s claw was extremely gentle, more gentle than a lover’s caress. His five fingers were soft and boneless as they clashed with the saber beam.


The two parties split up immediately.

The lightning instantly retreated with Marquis West Sea in tow. Only then did Marquis West Sea’s savior reveal his appearance. It was Meng Chuan, who had rushed over at full speed. Meng Chuan’s glowing body caused the surrounding void to collapse and distort constantly.

“Marquis Eastcalm.” Marquis West Sea looked at Meng Chuan in excitement and shock. Marquis West Sea felt repressed by Meng Chuan’s Indestructible Divine Armor.

“If I had come a little later, I wouldn’t have been able to save you, Marquis West Sea,” said Meng Chuan. He was rather glad that he arrived just as the azure-scaled demon monarch used his killer move. Marquis West Sea would’ve died in two or three moves. Thankfully, he managed to arrive in time and saved Marquis West Sea. It could be said that Marquis West Sea was quite lucky.

After all, he had arrived too late to save Marquis Purple Rain—who had died earlier.

Meng Chuan looked at Marquis Purple Rain’s corpse, and his heart ached. Another Marquis Godfiend had died in battle.

“Marquis Eastcalm, be careful of the fifth Firmament demon monarch. Its domain is unpredictable. Invisible threads will appear out of thin air. That’s how he killed Senior Brother Yu,” warned Marquis West Sea via voice transmission.

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“Got it.” Meng Chuan nodded slightly and looked at the azure-scaled demon monarch solemnly. Fifth Firmament demon monarch… This was the first time he was facing a fifth Firmament demon monarch! Although he had fought with Archean Mountain Lord, it hadn’t been a life-and-death battle.

“What a powerful saber move,” praised the azure-scaled demon monarch. “Marquis Eastcalm Meng Chuan, you really amaze me with your attainments in void manipulation. It looks like staying in Eastcalm City for 30 more seconds was the right decision. I met an expert like yourself.”

Meng Chuan sent a voice transmission to Marquis West Sea. “Leave first.”

“Alright.” Marquis West Sea also understood that staying behind would only affect Meng Chuan. From the saber strike just now, this Marquis Eastcalm—who was about the same age as his son-definitely had the strength of a Regis Godfiend.


Marquis West Sea instantly left.

The azure-scaled demon monarch couldn’t be bothered with him. Meng Chuan’s value was much higher than Marquis West Sea’s! The demons hated Meng Chuan to the core just after a few years of him acting as a reinforcement to everywhere in the Great Zhou Dynasty. This time, the demons had arranged for him to attack Eastcalm City secretly. They believed that Meng Chuan was likely to be stationed at Eastcalm City because it was his hometown.

“I was quite disappointed when I didn’t see you among the two Marquis Godfiends here. I never expected you to really come.” The azure-scaled demon monarch looked at Meng Chuan with burning greed in his eyes. “It looks like you are destined to fall into my hands.”

Meng Chuan calmly looked at him, but he wasn’t in a hurry to take action. Instead, he sensed Marquis West Sea’s departure. At the same time, he sent out a request for help through his token. It was the lowest level request for help! It indicated that he had encountered a powerful opponent and that everything was under control.

If his master-Supremacy Qin Wu—or any others had the time to rush over, they would be able to take down the fifth Firmament demon monarch easily. Meng Chuan was confident in dealing with this fifth Firmament demon monarch in a one-on-one battle, but he wasn’t confident in killing him.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The azure-scaled demon monarch didn’t dare delay any further. He secretly started his attack. Threads-hidden in the voidapproached Meng Chuan. Although Meng Chuan possessed a Darkstar domain, an electromagnetic domain, an Essence Soul domain, and many other reconnaissance methods, he didn’t discover the threads approaching him in the void. These threads seemed to be a part of the void.


Archean Eon Art

Status: Completed

In a world dotted with World Entrances to a demon world, demons have invaded humans for centuries. Humanity has united and one of the most ancient sects in the world, the Archean Mountain Sect, has set up an entire education system in the form of Dao Academies and defenses at the World Entrances.

Meng Chuan, a young genius, is an expert at the swift saber. Despite his noble heritage, he has one goal—kill all demons. Scarred by demons because of how his mother sacrificed her life for him, he strives to enter Archean Mountain Sect to get the best resources and training.

Other than cultivation, his only pleasure is drawing. And as he draws, he becomes stronger…
Enjoy this blood-pumping piece of art in Meng Chuan’s journey to slay demons with the help of united human comrades.


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